Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, June 9, 2014

Im having a great birthday.  We are running all around Niterói exploring and stuff, and then we went to a members house to send the weekly report of the zone (cause the lanhouse is stupid and doesnt open excell spreadsheets- and they told us to stay and eat lunch with them!  They made chicken for my comp and some cool ham and egg mixture for me haha.  Then we had the chance to give the wife a blessing because she was feeling really dizzy.  Ive been telling Heavenly Father that all I want for my birthday is for Him to help Dad get a good job.  He is the owner and creator of everything, so I dont think that was toomuch to ask :)
Thanks so much for the corndog recipe.  Im going to combine with the RS pres to get the activity rolling!
We met with our WML this week and today he is going to go get a banner made that we are going to put on the main road in front of the chapel advertising our English Course.  I am super stoked for it!  Who wouldnt want to learn English from two beatiful gringos like Elder Richmond and I?  haha
We had stake conference too this week!  Vanessa went too (Even though it was an hour away by bus.)  She told us that Michel and her have the goal of reading the whole Book of Mormon together. - 2 chapters per day.  Her confirmation will be this Sunday! :)
In the stake conference, all of Brasil had a transmission from Elder Ballard, Elder Scott (who spoke Portuguese and Spanish mixed),and Elder Costa.  It was really a great conference that got everyone thinking about prayer, and standards, and missionary work.  
I have gotten some really good news at the last mission counsel I went to.  All the LZs are there from all the zones so I get to ask how some of the people are doing where I have already passed.
- In Vila São Luis- Emanuel is doing great.  He is a member of the elders quorum presidency and has gotten the Melchezidech priesthood!  He is very excited about doing hometeaching visits (a rarity here) and told the quorum that whoever doesnt do their visits is going to have to wrestle him. His sealing in the temple will happen 18 of July!
- Nova Iguaçu- Roberto e Ana Paula are doing really well too.  Last week they bore their testimonies as a family in  sacrament meeting. 
                -Eduardo and Roseni are strong and firm.  Eduardo is the first counselor in the elder´s quorum
                -Daniel is really happy too.  He is the elders quorum as well
Im really glad that so many people are progressing sowell in the gospel.  It makes all of the sweat and hard work worth it.

I am out of time, but I love you all!!
Elder Stinnett

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