Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, January 27, 2014

Dont tell me that Sara is interested in Elder hansen......  He keeps telling me that Im going to get back home to the airport and he is going to be there with you guys...married to Sara.  hmmmmmm (PS not telling you where he´s from)

The Gilbert temple is so pretty!  I have never seen a temple with a little tower exactly like that.  It seems like they matched to style of the temple to the environment which is way cool.  One of the first things I want to do when I return is go through a ton of sessions.  I am really missing being able to go to the temple :/

So...I never got the Christmas package or valentines or anything like that.  I had gone on the church website and boughten a childrens hymn book in Port., some pictures of Christ, and a simplified piano hymn book, but that never got to the mission office is a bit of a bummer.  Ill just keep hoping and praying that it gets here some day.  However I did get a letter from Adrean Mendoza telling me how a ton of people are married/ getting married- inclusive some people from UH getting married to eachother-  weird!!  

This week, we put in our full 5039034590% effort.  We got home each night completely wiped out and satisfied.  Without time to run to the store, we ran out of toilet paper really quick.  Ends up that we have a weird hose thing on the side of our toilet (it´s called a budei right?? idk)  anyways I used Elder Hansen´s towel to dry off (dont tell him hahaha)

In response to what you put about my patriarchal blessing, I have been reading it alot.  It is amazing the directions and counsels that you receive from the Lord as you really study it.  It helps me realize that the Lord really does know about all things and has a plan for me to fulfill.  I feel like through all of these experiences that I pass and also what I see happening around me, I can understand a lot better what really matters.  I get a little sad when I see so many people just sitting on the street- doing nothing- unsatisfied with their life but scared and unwilling to change their circumstances.  I love helping those who accept help, but I think when we testify that the gospel will change their lives for the better, they think it is too good to be true.  Going to church here is fashionable, but sadly the things they learn are rarely applied.  BUUUTTT that is why we´ve got missionaries and members right????? ;D  The teachings of the missionaries and the real life testimony of the members make an undeniably powerful combo to give others the teachings that they need and the proof that the teachings work.  Sooooo, my invitation for anyone who reads this is to pray, and think, and discover what person is needing your testimony in this moment.  It doesnt matter who you are or what your circumstances, because the Lord gave us the gospel so that we can share it.  It could be a member that has fallen away or a friend that is in need.  Whatever it is, the Lord has placed you in the life of this person for exactly this reason.  There is a verse in proverbs that says *Não deixa de fazer o bem a quem merece, estando nas tuas mãos o poder de faze-lo*  This is the invitation I make for everyone, and I know that you will be blessed even more that the person that you help, because God will see your dedication and will consecrate your efforts.

Sorry I cant write more.  There are a bunch of people screaming/ swearing here in the lanhouse and it is a bit difficult to feel the Spirit.  But I love you all!!!

Elder Stinnett

Monday, January 20, 2014

 Im baaaacckkkkk :)

Seems like I have recuperated completely so we are back to work.  How good it is to be back on the streets.  I think that mumps is maybe the worst disease that a missionary could ever get on the mission.  Your face swells up and you are full of energy and then you cant do ANYTHING!!!  I went nuts.  I was reading the scriptures a lot and I read the bible enough that I started going crazy and talking in a really loud voice and screaming *Hallelujah!!* and *Give me all your dizemos!!*  like the pastors here...just kidding haha  but I was going insane just laying there.

It was so good to get out.  We were heading to one of our pesqu that we were teaching before, and we made a contact with this lady and her son- Rosangela and Flavio.  They were really receptive and we got their address.  I went there on Friday with Elder Rojaz (splits) and we taught the restoration.  She is a really nice lady with 5 cats and her daughter and her son ( 22 and 14).  She is divorced and is working really hard to keep her family well under her roof.  She understood well and accepted the invitation to be baptized if she receives and answer.  Yesterday, Elder Hansen and I went back with an irmã of the ward.  She made friends really fast with the member and before we knew it we were laughing and eating cake from Rosangela´s work and the two of them are pretty much sisters now haha.  While we were eating, she turned to me and said, *Èlder, I have to tell you something.*  She grabbed her Book of Mórmon.  *I brought it to work, and I was reading it, and I went way past what you marked.  I had some feelings while I was reading it....I was light, and happy, and I just had the sensation that it all was true.*  We asked her to explain a little more, and she looked at us, and got quiet for a moment.  Then she told us-  when she was reading, she saw angels dressed in white all around her.  As she related this, the Spirit hit the room like a bomb.  The sister who came with us started crying as she bore her testimony that all this was true.  We reinforced the baptismal invitation and closed the meeting.  She is super excited to go with us to a ward activity this Friday night.  The only hard part will be helping her to go to church- her work only gives her one Sunday off per month.  But, we will continue to work with her.  I am so excited!!

In one of your last letters you said that you saw a photo of a bunch of people dressed in Santa stuff with Books of Mormon-  thats my zone!!!  Elder Sea is at my side, and the other Elders are of the other areas.  They really liked the idea haha.  
It is neat that Elder Sieber´s mom got in contact with you.  He had told me that his mom had *seen* you a few weeks ago (Some missionary mom thing or whatever).  I guess his mom had been reading my blog since before he had left for the MTC hahaha.  He is way cool.  He served in Gilbert for a little bit before coming here, and has already picked up a good bit of the language.  

In these past few weeks, I learned a lot.  I feel that my Heavenly Father was trying to reach me- and that maybe He had to put me on my back for a few days to get the message through.  I have a greater depth of understanding of the healing power of the Atonement, and how the Lord never takes his eyes off of his children.  There is a phrase that I remember which hit me pretty hard that says, *as vezes, Deus calma a tempestade, porem outras vezes Ele calma o marinheiro. *  or rather *Sometimes, God calms the storm;  however sometimes he calms the sailor. *  The words of the Book of Mormon spoke to me when it said  And I will also ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage; and this will I do that ye may stand as witnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions.*

Thanks so much for your prayers during this last little bit.  Surely, I have felt them, and God has heard them.  I hope that all is well with you, and if not, that we may enfrent our trials with faith, for the Lord is truly watching.

Abraços e beijos,
Elder Stinnett

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey Stinnett Family!
Well, this isnt your son, he´s still resting as they swelling goes down! we should be back in action sometime this week, thank you a ton for your prayers! Although we werent working, its was fun to get to know elder Stinnett better, we swapped stories and talked about deep doctrine to keep oursleves sane... our ward has really been helping us out with the doctors appointments and lunches(our president has quarantined us so we can even do splits to buy food), your son is in good hands! I hope your family is well, your daughter has a beautiful babyby the way!! Im sure you´ll be hearing from your next week, untill then!!
Com amor e fé, Élder Hansen
PS Élder Stinnett gave me permission to marry one of your daughters, i figured that i would give you guys a heads up first :P hahah have a great week!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hey Mom/Dad

My Comp is writing this email for me. I am resting at home because i have something that is called cachumba. (The mumps) Basically your face gets real puffy and you have to rest.  So I went to the doctor and he passed some stuff for me to take and it looks like im out of the game for the next week :( but when i get better i will fill you in better.

Love your son,

Élder Stinnett

Hey Stinnett Family!

This is Élder Hansen, Stinnett´s comp! Dont be too worried abouot your son, we will be taking it easy for the next week or two. I hope you guys know how solid your son is. Its a pleasure to serve with him, we´re learning a ton together! It was fun as well to see your family on Christmas, i hope it was a great one and that you guys have a great new year!!

Com fé Élder Hansen