Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sorry I didnt write yesterday.  We had to get up early and go to the mission office to later go to the Federal Police for the visa of Elder Asto.  We spent the whole day there and got home at 830.  Then today, we had a training for the newbies in Jacarepagua.  So it was 2 days waking up at 430 AM and trying to find our way around the state of Rio by bus.  I can truthfully say I have done it all.  We walked/ran 3 miles because our ZLs gave us wrong directions, I carried a huge box of Books of Mormon about 4 miles, and I have not slept right in the past 5 days because of all of this hectic stuff.  In short, serving a mission is far from the fluffy stuff it looks to be and I am just about ready to pass out sitting in this chair.  So in advance, sorry for the worse-than-usual grammer.  hehe

I know that this last week was full of some really great stuff, but at the moment, I cannot remember anything.  

Here is what I can remember-
We are working with a family to complete right now.  The husband, Emanuel is a nonmember, and we are working to prepare him to be baptized this Sunday.  It is clear to see how his life is changing as he applies the atonement in his life.  Keep him in your prayers por favor.

Im really sorry, all Im remembering right now are the protests.  My area was nuts with people getting pepper sprayed and whatnot.  It got pretty pretty hectic.  We had to carry around tshirts in our bags and periodically put them on to pass by crowds in safety.  Even still, there are a few stories that I will have to tell you all, but just when I get home.  Right now, things are a bit more chill, so that is good.  The bus prices went down a whopping 20 cents and the public is satisfied for the most part. 

Welp, I am drawing a blank right now, so Ill get some sleep these next few days and write a better one this next PDay.  Sorry again, but my mind isnt working right. Ill send yall a picture to make it all better though :D

The one thing I do remember and know is that the church is true and God lives.  I guess that is all that matters.

Elder Stinnett
Photos: my new area and my filho amado Elder Asto

Monday, June 17, 2013

It is super sweet right now, because after being with an American who talks a lot of English with me, I live in a house that only speaks Portuguese (with the exception of my filho amado Elder Asto who speaks Port-espanol. haha)
Right now I am having to pause and think to translate a few words from Portuguese to English.  When the people in the street speak English phrases to me, it is almost impossible for English words to leave my mouth. They just dont come out!! haha.  The good news is I can still think in English for the most part when I write to you guys :D

So, this week has been a super cool one with various experiences that helped my testimony and love for the work grow.  But first a side note...

Monday morning, my comp and I had returned for the night and were planning.  Our LZs who live in the same house hadnt returned yet.  I got a call from them and they said *Hey come down to the bishops house.  He needs to talk to you.*  We left the house and started descending the hill to get to bishops.  We got there, and it was all dark.  We knocked on the door, it swung open, the lights flicked on, and everyone who was inside (just about half of the ward)  jumped up and screamed *SUPRESO!!!!*  and started singing happy birthday.  It was the coolest thing ever.  It was amazing to see that even though I have such little time in the area, I have such a great ward family.  And there was cake :D

We had our first District Meeting here, and the LD talked about obeying the Lords will and leaving behind our own.  I kept pondering on this topic, and thinking *Será que eu não estou fazendo a vontade do Senhor em cada momento?*  We started working and after a few visits, we were running to our next one.  We were running a little late, and we were speeding down the sidewalk.  We past by an open door and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone sitting in a wheelchair looking out.  It was but a moment, and we continued our speed walking.  I heard a voice tell me *Volta, e fala com ele.* I pleaded in my mind, *Não, estamos atrasados.  Este compromisso que temos é muito importante!  Não temos tempo.*  Then I heard the voice a second time, much stronger, and very firm.  *Não filho, você vai fazer a Minha  vontade.*
we returned and started talking to the man in the wheelchair.  I explained that I didnt know why, but we needed to talk to him.  Turns out he was a recent convert who was having problems and was in need of a visit.  Heavenly Father really knows his children and their necessities., and I am so grateful for the miracle that happened to show me this.

There are other stories that I wish I could tell you, but this is sufficient for right now.  I love you all, and hope the best for you.  I will keep you in my prayers.  

Eu só quero terminar com meu testimunho.  Eu sei que faz tempo de a ultima vez que eu compartilhei.  Por isso, eu peço desculpa.  
Eu sei que Deus vive.  Ele é meu Pai, e Eu sou seu filho.  Eu amo Ele em um jeito que eu não posso explicar nem compreender.  Eu estou aqui, sabendo sobre O Evangelho eterno, servindo Ele, para que os outros filhos Seus possam um dia ter a mesma alegria e felicidade que eu tenho.  Eu sei que fui chamado por um profeta de Deus, Thomas S. Monson.  Este lugar onde eu estou servindo agora, é onde existe as almas que eu posso ajudar. Deus realmente esta preparando os corações das pessoas que ensinamos. Eu vejo milagres cada dia, e busco para ver mais do braço de Deus cada vez mas.  Isso é A Igreja de Jesus Cristo.  Não há um outro.  Ele é nosso Salvador, Redentor, e Irmão.  Eu sei disso.  e Eu compartilho isso com vocês em o nome Dele, Jesus Cristo.  Amem.

Até proxima semana,

Elder Stinnett

Monday, June 10, 2013

So this week has been a bit of a rush.  I got a call 10 PM this last monday night saying that we were going to have an emergency transfer.  I would be opening up a new area in the same zone and also I would be training.  I packed my bags super quick and got some rest, and got to the mission office. 

My new comp is Elder Asto.  He is from Peru.  A really humble guy.  It is a bit funny because he keeps throwing Spanish words in wherever he doesnt know the Portuguese ones.  It makes it a bit hard to understand, but maybe this can be training for when I get back to AZ to understand all the Spanish speakers there, right?  :D   
The new area is Vila São Luis II.  I live in the same house as the ZLs and it is a blast.  It is a bit more humble here and reminds me a lot of my first area.  Goodbye Galleão and all of the rich people there....I did have the inspiration to take this picture there (attached) the day before I received the notice of the emergency transfer.  

So Pamela was baptized this Sunday!!!  I had it all planned out with the ZLs so that I could go to her baptism back in Galleão, but then I was up all Saturday night puking.  I had to spend my B-Day in bed :(  ...but Pamela was baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so that still makes it the best birthday ever.  

Im still a little bit out of it from the lack of liquids, so Im not really sure what else to write.  The new area is great and it looks like it is a great area to baptize.  Right now it is just patience, faith, and diligence.

I love you all, and thanks so much for the birthday wishes!!

Elder Stinnett

Monday, June 3, 2013

So my new area is stinking awesome.  The people here are rich like crazy.  Some of them have air conditioning!  It does make it different because we get money a lot instead of lunch because the wives are home alone while the husbands are working, but hey every area is a bit different.  The ward is really cool, and we have an old chapel that we borrow from the other ward (it is in the other area.)
I live on an ISLAND!!!  Yup it is pretty sweet.  My district is really unified and we are ready to work hard and save some almas.  It is weird because 2 of the 3 other missionaries have atleast 5 more months on the miss. than I do.  Ill take it as a sign I have a lot to learn from them, while helping them out in the best way I can.  

So the culture here on Ilha de Governador is a bit different.  Lots of people like to kiss your hand and are very, very open about their lives.  Life is a bit more up paced than in Vilar Carioca, but the people who stop and listen to what you have to say are golden pesquisadores.  

So we had lunch yesterday with a family that has a lot of time in the church.  The grandpa kept staring at me during and after lunch.  After I gave the message, he started talking *Dont freak out on me blondie, but my P. Blessing says I have the ability to perceive peoples future callings in the church just by looking at them.  Your mannerisms and way of acting remind me a lot of Russel M. Nelson.  I feel that you are going to be something like a patriarch, stake president, or even an apostle.*  He turned to my comp *Your a good guy too.*  Then he turned back to me *but You are going to be an apostle.*     Well, I got freaked out a little.  I told him I would give him a call when it happens haha.

So just one story real quick before ending.  We have felt the spirit guiding us more strongly than ever.  We had gone to a house to teach a pesqu. to see if he needed to be cut from the list of teaching.  His mom came and answered saying he wasnt there and that she was very rushed.  We asked her if we could pray with her real quick.  She kindof rolled her eyes, let us in and the prayer turned into the Restoration lesson.  By the end she was interested.  We promised her that if she read and prayed, she would feel something so strongly that it was true- until the point where she could not deny it.  She stopped us and told us that she was feeling that right now.  A coupld days later, we went back to accompany up on the reading, and she answered the door with her eyes really wide open.  She had read all night, and had had a vision.  She told us she knows these things are true.  She accepted baptism for her and her daughter on the spot marked for 9 June.  It is going to be the best Bday ever!!!  

Well, got to run, but I hope you all have a great week.

Love you,

Elder Stinnett

New district and companion