Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, June 3, 2013

So my new area is stinking awesome.  The people here are rich like crazy.  Some of them have air conditioning!  It does make it different because we get money a lot instead of lunch because the wives are home alone while the husbands are working, but hey every area is a bit different.  The ward is really cool, and we have an old chapel that we borrow from the other ward (it is in the other area.)
I live on an ISLAND!!!  Yup it is pretty sweet.  My district is really unified and we are ready to work hard and save some almas.  It is weird because 2 of the 3 other missionaries have atleast 5 more months on the miss. than I do.  Ill take it as a sign I have a lot to learn from them, while helping them out in the best way I can.  

So the culture here on Ilha de Governador is a bit different.  Lots of people like to kiss your hand and are very, very open about their lives.  Life is a bit more up paced than in Vilar Carioca, but the people who stop and listen to what you have to say are golden pesquisadores.  

So we had lunch yesterday with a family that has a lot of time in the church.  The grandpa kept staring at me during and after lunch.  After I gave the message, he started talking *Dont freak out on me blondie, but my P. Blessing says I have the ability to perceive peoples future callings in the church just by looking at them.  Your mannerisms and way of acting remind me a lot of Russel M. Nelson.  I feel that you are going to be something like a patriarch, stake president, or even an apostle.*  He turned to my comp *Your a good guy too.*  Then he turned back to me *but You are going to be an apostle.*     Well, I got freaked out a little.  I told him I would give him a call when it happens haha.

So just one story real quick before ending.  We have felt the spirit guiding us more strongly than ever.  We had gone to a house to teach a pesqu. to see if he needed to be cut from the list of teaching.  His mom came and answered saying he wasnt there and that she was very rushed.  We asked her if we could pray with her real quick.  She kindof rolled her eyes, let us in and the prayer turned into the Restoration lesson.  By the end she was interested.  We promised her that if she read and prayed, she would feel something so strongly that it was true- until the point where she could not deny it.  She stopped us and told us that she was feeling that right now.  A coupld days later, we went back to accompany up on the reading, and she answered the door with her eyes really wide open.  She had read all night, and had had a vision.  She told us she knows these things are true.  She accepted baptism for her and her daughter on the spot marked for 9 June.  It is going to be the best Bday ever!!!  

Well, got to run, but I hope you all have a great week.

Love you,

Elder Stinnett

New district and companion

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