Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sorry I didnt write yesterday.  We had to get up early and go to the mission office to later go to the Federal Police for the visa of Elder Asto.  We spent the whole day there and got home at 830.  Then today, we had a training for the newbies in Jacarepagua.  So it was 2 days waking up at 430 AM and trying to find our way around the state of Rio by bus.  I can truthfully say I have done it all.  We walked/ran 3 miles because our ZLs gave us wrong directions, I carried a huge box of Books of Mormon about 4 miles, and I have not slept right in the past 5 days because of all of this hectic stuff.  In short, serving a mission is far from the fluffy stuff it looks to be and I am just about ready to pass out sitting in this chair.  So in advance, sorry for the worse-than-usual grammer.  hehe

I know that this last week was full of some really great stuff, but at the moment, I cannot remember anything.  

Here is what I can remember-
We are working with a family to complete right now.  The husband, Emanuel is a nonmember, and we are working to prepare him to be baptized this Sunday.  It is clear to see how his life is changing as he applies the atonement in his life.  Keep him in your prayers por favor.

Im really sorry, all Im remembering right now are the protests.  My area was nuts with people getting pepper sprayed and whatnot.  It got pretty pretty hectic.  We had to carry around tshirts in our bags and periodically put them on to pass by crowds in safety.  Even still, there are a few stories that I will have to tell you all, but just when I get home.  Right now, things are a bit more chill, so that is good.  The bus prices went down a whopping 20 cents and the public is satisfied for the most part. 

Welp, I am drawing a blank right now, so Ill get some sleep these next few days and write a better one this next PDay.  Sorry again, but my mind isnt working right. Ill send yall a picture to make it all better though :D

The one thing I do remember and know is that the church is true and God lives.  I guess that is all that matters.

Elder Stinnett
Photos: my new area and my filho amado Elder Asto

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