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Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1,2013

Hey everybody!  This week I have so much more energy.  I got to rest a little bit and now I am ready to get out and work.  The members of the ward are helping out like crazy.  It has become a battle between us 4 missionaries to see how many references we can get from the members.  Hey, just a little reminder- tell your friends you have some really awesome guys that want to talk to them and help out their families.  The Elders and Sisters really work through the ward to find the elects to teach.  How cool would it be to help your best buddy receive the saving ordinance of baptism and the eternal gospel?  I have got a lot of references to give when I get back from the mission-just saying.  

So Emanuel hit a few barriers for the baptism this Sunday, but we will continue to work with him to overcome these and complete this family.  We are going to help them be sealed in the temple daqui em um ano!!!!

We have taught this guy named Marcos a couple of times.  Let me just tell you how we met.  We were walking down the street at night- *OI MISSIONARIOS!!!  come here!*  We went over there, where he was standing in front of his house.  *You guys are Mormons huh??  A lot of people dont know that Mormon was just a prophet and that his son is Moroni and that Moroni hid plates of gold written by Mormon and that is why you are called Mormons.*  My mouth dropped open.  I responed *Sim, exato.*  He continued *E vocês não adoram Joseph Smith.  Ele só foi um profeta visitado por Jesus Cristo. *  I tilted my head a little bit to the side.  I responded, *Você esta brincando comigo.  Você já é membro, já.*  He told me he wasnt but he had a few questions.  We entered in and started teaching.  He already knows a ton.  What he needs right now is the simple doctrine.  He is preparing to receive an answer that this is the true church to be baptized 14 Julho.  Vamos la!!

This week has been full of cool stuff, but Ill just leave it for the pictures to talk.  One is of the sight we have of the  SugarLoaf Mountain on the edge of my area.  One is the ZL that lives in my house Elder Hansen and his shoe after a year and 3 months.  The third is an RM from my ward.  He says he was comps with Taylor Hunsaker back on the miss.  Que legal!!!

I have to sign off, but I hope yall have a great week, and give some references to the missionaries in your ward!!
Elder Stinnett

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