Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, July 22, 2013

Another emergency transfer!  There was a missionary in our district that returned to his house in the middle of the transfer.  (His twin brother was serving in Brasil too and his parents wanted to pick them up)  Having him leave left our DL in Caxias without a comp.  The assistents told us that they needed one of us to be sent over there to be his comp.  (Our house has 4 missionaries Elder Hansen, Elder B Carvalho (the ZLs) me, and Elder Asto (my son).  They didnt want us to lose the fruits that Elder Asto and I had by opening up the new area, so they sent Elder Asto over to finish his training with the DL in caxias, and they left me as kindof a third ZL with Hansen and Carvalho.  We are doing a ton of splits with the members to try to keep both areas going.  Being part of a trio is a blast!  I have learned so much already about what it means to be a leader and help out all the other missionaries have success in their areas.  I sure do miss Elder Asto, but he is coming over today to make cookies and fly kites with us :D

So we were talking to a guy by the buses the other night, and Emanuel (recent convert) passed by and asked us to come into his house.  We went there and could see that he was super worried.  He explained how his son was born with just a little more than 7 months, and has a defect where his stomach wasnt completely closed.  The outlook wasnt good for the little baby, and the doctors had told him that the likelyhood of him surviving was slim to none.  He asked for a blessing of comfort.  I dont remember what I said, but I remember the feeling I had as the Spirit worked through me, giving words that I would have never thought to say.  We left his house and later he called us up.  Immediately after we left, the doctor called him and said that after much effort, they had found the vein in the babys neck that leads directly to the heart.  They were able to give the blood and the nutrients he was so desperately needing and his chances to live had multiplied many times.  
We were able to talk to Emanuel at church this Sunday.  He said that after that call, he had gone into his room and shut the door and started to bear his testimony to himself to thank God for what He had done.  He said, *foi só lágrimas*  It is so amazing to see how our trials make us stronger and how God really does have control over all.

Well, we have got a ton of work to do in the next few weeks, but I am super stoked to do it.  Ive got a feeling that I am going to grow a lot because of all of this!  

Beijos molhados,

Elder Stinnett

PS  here is a photo of my LZ Elder Hansen (que bonito!!) and a picture I took in Flamengo when I went their to drop of Elder Asto 

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