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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, July 29, 2013

Emanuels baby is doing great!  He is even drinking a little bit of milk out a bottle.  Thanks so much for all of the prayers that are helping this little guy grow :D
This week was a week of spiritual growth for me.  There have been a number of things that have happened during the week with our pesquisadores that could leave one wondering *How could all of this happen in one week?*   One lady who was going to be baptized with her 2 children wasnt because her husband is betraying her and is threatening her well being if she decides to be baptized.  She is scared to even talk to us.  Many other things happened as well that I wont write, but in general, all three of us were kindof left with a feeling of emptiness inside.  We werent left murmering, but as we taught, the powerful feeling of the spirit wasnt the same.  The next day, Elder Carvalho got sick, so I stayed at home with him and Elder Hansen went to work with a member.  I studied the scriptures- D&C 24:8 *Sé paciente nas afliçôes pois terás muitas; suporta-as contudo pois eis que estou contigo até o fim dos teus dias*  I read that verse, and I felt the burn of truth within me.  I kneeled down and I was sincere with Heavenly Father.  I said *Heavenly Father, I am missionary.  I am a missionary preaching your gospel.  I have already received thy answer that these things are true, but I need a reconfirmatio...* Before I could get out the words, I had a huge rush of electricity come over my body.  I continued *I need to know if Joseph Smith..*  Wooooshh  another rush of electricity that refused to stop.  *Pai, se isso realmente é teu evangelho, faz com que essa sensação muda.  Monstra em meu coração..*  In that instant, the electricity stopped and my heart started to burn with a feeling that had never made itself manifest in me before.  Eu sei sem sombra da duvida que isso é o evangelho de Deus.  Joseph Smith foi um profeta, e isso é a igreja de Cristo.  Deus manifestou isso pra mim na mesmo jeito que Ele pode para você.  It is my sincere invitation for anyone who has never received testimony of these things, or has and feels weak, or any person who wants to be strengthened--to bend their knees and plea for this confirmation.  Someone is listening, and He will answer.  
It is a different sort of feeling to be so aware of your own weaknesses but also to see the strength the Lord gives you.  He really does strengthen those who serve Him and lightens our burdens.
Until next week,

Elder Stinnett

(From last week ~ re. family reunion letter)~I got the snail mail package that you guys sent with the HUGE letter from all the family.  I opened it in the mission office, and judging from the look of the secretaries face I received the biggest letter in the whole mission.  I am deciding if I want to put it up on the ceiling above my bed or not haha.

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