Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, July 15, 2013

This week went really great.  Emanuel was confirmed a member and he is super strong.  He reads the Gospel Principles book in his free time and is reading the scriptures as a family.  It is amazing how  recent convert can be an example for us.  

We had a Festa de Junina at the church.  It kindof like Halloween but everyone seemed to dress up like cowboys haha.  It was great and I was able to see my recent convert Pamela from the Ala Galeão there.  She is the counsellor of the young womens and is also firme e forte!

We had and experience super humbling that teaches you the importance of listening to the spirit.  We were walking down the main street and a car swerved in front of us and the driver threw on the emergency brake screaming to a stop.  The doors flew open and without turning off the car the driver and passenger, two men, jumped out.  They turned to the open air bread shop 15 feet from us (to rob it) and one of the men pulled a pistol out from his waistband.  We broke into a run weaved our way through the streets until we got to our bishops house.  I dont really want to think about what could have happened their, but I do know one thing for sure, Deus protege os que lhe servem.  (God protects those who serve him.)

Sorry, I always seems like I have no time to write hardly anything, but I already ran out.  I love yall and hope that you are well.  Até proxima semana.

Elder Stinnett

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