Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, May 27, 2013

Transfer, Senior Companion and District Leader

Im getting transferred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Woohoo.  Time for some change and miracles.  Im headed to Zona Rio de Janeiro which means that I will not be going to the new mission (thank goodness b/c they dont get to see the Cristo Redentor at the end)  My area is Galeão.  My comp will be Elder Miño.  My guess is he is Chilean.  Also, I will be the Lider de Distrito.  Ive got my plate full, and Im freaking out a little bit, but hey.  Go forth with faith right :D  Im super excited for this new opportunity to learn and grow.  I wonder what my new area will look like....hmmmmmmm

Anyways, my last week with Elder Bendoski was a blast.  We had the miracle baptism of Luan to finish off the transfer as well as his confirmation this Sunday.  He is a really special kid, and through him, his parents are working harder than ever to get their papers all ready to marry and be baptised.  Chique ne?  (I will have to send pictures this next week.  We are rushing to write emails and get Elder Bendoski to a training to be a trainer.)

We had a division the day of the baptism and I stayed with a rapaz from the ward named Igor.  He will be a great missionary.  I was able to help him learn how to make street contacts.  Once he got the hang of it, he told me he wanted to try one on his own.  There was a man sitting in a chair outside of his house.  He started it up and we all started conversing.  I dont know how to say it in a better way than -the spirit just flowed and worked through us.  The man opened up, told us of his life, and Igor began to testify of the plan God has for us.  Logo o homem començou de chorar.  Igor will be such a great missionary.  Im a little sad I wont be in the area to see the progress of that man.  

It was insane how we figured out about the transfers.  We got a call at 830 last night saying that my comp would train and I would turn LD but they wouldnt say where.  That started the rush.  As we would leave early this morning, we ran to the house of our adopted mom and told her family.  After all this, another sister of the ward heard what was happening, drove her car to where we were at and took us to her house to eat a little and talk.  We sang God be with you till we meet Again. and she told us how special of a spirit the missionaries have and how much my presence in the ala would be missed.  As I listened to the words she was saying, I was amazed to see how closely the members notice what the missionaries do.  It is a constant reminder of how powerful and sacred the call is to represent the Lord.

Super sorry to make this one short and with terrible punctuation, but next one will have a ton of photos Im sure. Ora por mim por favor :D

Love you all.  Tchau

Elder Stinnett

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