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Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey Stinnett Family!
Well, this isnt your son, he´s still resting as they swelling goes down! we should be back in action sometime this week, thank you a ton for your prayers! Although we werent working, its was fun to get to know elder Stinnett better, we swapped stories and talked about deep doctrine to keep oursleves sane... our ward has really been helping us out with the doctors appointments and lunches(our president has quarantined us so we can even do splits to buy food), your son is in good hands! I hope your family is well, your daughter has a beautiful babyby the way!! Im sure you´ll be hearing from your next week, untill then!!
Com amor e fé, Élder Hansen
PS Élder Stinnett gave me permission to marry one of your daughters, i figured that i would give you guys a heads up first :P hahah have a great week!

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  1. Dear Elder Stinnett its the North Carolina clan of the Willets family here.
    Mom says what you did to your companion's towel was gross.
    Dad says he has a girl for you to marry when you get home. problem is she is going on a mission this summer.
    Daniel says keep up the good work and what should i be doing to prepare for my mission.
    Had a big snowstorm here and were out of school most of the week. We built an igloo and i slept in it.
    Dallin says i wish i could type better.
    Emma says do they have pie in Brazil? and my birthday is coming up in FEB.
    Austin says I hope you have a good time.
    Geneva says Do you have peach cobbler in Brazil?
    Aubrey says I pooped my pants.
    Grant says I hope to meet you at the next family reunion.
    [Simon says] Run out on the street and squawk like a chicken.
    It's fun to read your blog. Thanks for being a great missionary and example