Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hey, so guess what!?!  
I got a new comp again :D  I think that Presidente Lima just likes to use me when he has to do emergency transfers.  So I was comps with Elder Bendoski in Cesario de Melo (first area).  I left for Galeao and Bendoski stayed in Cesario de Melo and he started to train a new Elder--Elder Borges.  I went to Galeao as a DL and then I got emergency switched to come here to Vila São Luis to open Vila São Luis II and to train Elder Asto.  We passed one transfer together, and then during the middle of the 2nd transfer, the comp of our DL in Caxias ended him mission and went home leaving our DL without a comp.  To not lose the progress we made in Vila II, we sent Elder Asto to Caxias to finish be trained there by the LD and I stayed with the ZLs here in Vila as a trio to try to work Vila I and Vila II.  Something aweful happened in Cesario de Melo with one of the members so Cesario shut down, Elder Bendoski now works in the mission office, and I have a new step son Elder Borges!  I will finish training him and we will reopen Vila II.  It is gonna be a blast.  

Elder Borges is from Brasilia, looks like a hard worker and is going to help me perfect my portuguese.  He also speaks fluent Spanish (lived in Spain for 3 years) and is going to help me become tri lingual while I help him learn English :D  Because of the transfer, he didnt get to go to the lanhouse yesterday, so we had to go during language study today...

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