Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, September 30, 2013

How is it going?  I was thinking about your (mom) crockpot beans too.  I have no idea whether I would be able to eat them or not.  I would definitely have to put some rice on top and mix it around really good haha.  But, I was also thinking, I definitely want a little cesars pizza at the airport here in a year :D   I think that I am capable of eating a whole one in one sitting now haha.  Im not getting any fatter here in Nova Iguaçu, but we spend so much on buses that we dont really have a lot of money for food.  Remember when Christ called his apostles in the Bible, and sent them on missions?  Dont worry about the things you will wear and eat.  Look at the birds in the sky.  They do not sow in the field, and yet they eat.  Are ye not greater than these?  Yup, just when we think we are gonna starve, some irmã comes to us with a bag of crackers, butter, milk powder, and nesquick mix.  (Yesterday Irmã Bernadete) or with a loaf of hommade bread with ham and cheese inside (Irmã Rejane)  The Lord´s promises are real, and the fact I am alive here is proof!!!  Just kidding.  Dont worry about me too much haha

This week was super awesome.  We were able to see the baptism of one of our eternal pesquisadores- Daniel.  He has been going to church for 8 years- até paga dizemo haha.  He is the husband of a returned missionary (who has been rooting for his baptism for 8 years.  Daniel was a strong 7th day adventist, and was going to church just to please his wife.  However, with the reading of the scriptures and Our Search for Happiness, his heart was softened and started to search with real intent.  He gained a stronger testimony of the things we taught and was baptized this Sunday, confirmed, and ordained a priest.  
President Lima caught wind that there was going to be a baptism, and out of the blue showed up to watch.  Having the mission president show up de nada in the middle of a baptism is enough to make most any missionary poop his pants, but we continued as normal, and had a great reunion.  Daniel felt the Holy Spirit of Promise testifying of the veracity of his actions and could not stop crying.  I could see the difference in the way that Rejane (his wife) looks at him now, and their house has so much more unity and harmony.  I am so happy for the decision he took and hope to hear notice of them here in a year of their sealing as a family!

SOOOO, transfers happened!!!  I am going to train again!!!  So, for this we have to leave here in 5 minutes to go to Andaraí for the training of the trainers, and I get my new son tomorrow.  So, until now I have two sons- one Peruano and one Brasilero.  Im rooting for an American!!  We will see what happened.  I will continue here in the area of Nova Iguaçu and Elder Leal will be transferred to Jacarepagua.  

Thanks so much for your prayers and thoughts in respect to Daniel.  I know that it wasnt us that changed his heart, but the effort we all put in made the difference, and now he is one step closer to uma familia eterna!

Abraço forte e beijinhos,

Elder Stinnett

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