Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference!!!  WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Stinking great!  Not quite the same hearing it from the translater in Portuguese, but great just the same.  There are so many great things that you can pick out of every talk.  One of the speakers was bearing his testimony, and said *Ele viveu e morreu pra nós* or Christ lived and died for us.  The way I hear things, I pay more attention to the last part of sentences.  I always knew that Christ died for us.  His suffering was immense and undescribable.  However, I had never quite grasped that He lived for us.  Every single moment of His life was for us.  He served everyone around Him and searched for ways to lift them up.  He set such a perfect example in all things and showed for us the one and only path that leads back to our Father in Heaven.  Wow.  I look at me and my life.  How selfish I am!  I never once found a verse in the scriptures when Jesus said *I am tired*  or *Im hungry*  or *I dont have time to help them, I have stuff to do*.  I realized that and felt so unworthy to wear his sacred name on my chest.  How short I come.  But I am grateful for Him and what I can become.  This process of change is long and stinky and sometimes hurts a little bit, but it is so worth it- because every step that you walk to become more and more like Christ, your eyes open up a little bit more, and the world becomes even brighter.  Repentance is indeed one of the greatest blessings that we have.

This week was great.  My son (Elder Ribeiro) and I were able to take part in the baptism of our pequisador Yuri!  This rapaz has had great changes in conduct and has been able to feel the difference of the gospel in his life.  As the only member of his family right now, he has decided to take it upon himself to be the light that will guide the rest of his family.  He is super excited to be able to pass and prepare the sacrament and Ive got him convinced that he is serving in Arizona for his mission (he thinks Ive got connections with President Monson haha)  It was all the more special because his neighbor Marcelo was the one who introduced him to the church and also the one who baptized him.  It was so awesome to be apart of!  

Welp, out of time

Fique firmes e fortes.
Amo vocês!

Elder Stinnett

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