Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, October 21, 2013

This week was way cool.  Full of difficulties, but worth every moment.  We went to teach a guy who had gone to general conference.  We showed up at his door and he came out sporting a nice pair of boxers and invited us inside.  He showed us his crib and all the books he is ´reading´.  He told us in a hushed wisper that the federal police is out to get him because he has special DNA that doesnt let him sweat.  He reminded me a little bit of nicholas cage in National Treasure, because he took the book of mormon and was folding the pages and making weird designs that looked egyptian, and told us of all the hidden secrets that the book has in it.  He freaked me out a little, so I used the fake call app on our phone to say it was an emergency, grab our bags and left.  Life as a missionary is entertaining haha.

On Thursday, we went to Irmã Neia´s house to eat lunch.  She has a really great heart, and always strives to give the best she has for the missionaries.  She made a feast with rice, a corn jello-y thing, meat, and mocotó (Cow foot stew)  Elder Ribeiro had never heard of mocotó, and I think it is tasty, so I was just going to let it slide and tell him afterward what he ate.  But then Neia asked him, `Do you eat mocotó?` He *I eat just about anything*.  Then her little girl asked him *Do you know what it is?* and then before I could stop her from saying it, with wide eyes told him * pé do buoy!!!!*  Elder Ribeiro almost threw up haha.  I thought it was tasty 

This week, our family went to church again.  Eduardo and his wife and three daughters.  They are so special!  Eduardo got to talk with the bishop afterwards,and expressed for us his sincere desire to do whatever is necessary to help his children and his wife be safe and happy.  I guess that is the desire of all fathers.  We are going to teach them all tonight and invite them to prepare to be baptized.  We had gone there to visit them Saturday, but Eduardo had to leave on emergency call.  When we got to their house, their daughters saw us and ran to us like we were friends they had known for years.  It was such a great feeling.  They introduced us to their friends who were playing ping pong in the street on an improvised table.  I told one of the rapazes that if I beat him, he had to go to church Sunday.  I won but he never showed up at the chapel haha.  

Well, I hope that all is well with you. I miss you guys,and I hope that you are giving references to the missionaries!  

Love you,

Elder Stinnett

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