Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, October 14, 2013

:So this week has been a bit interesting.  Ive been sick with a sore throat and then lost my voice.  Each day it is getting better and then it gets worse as I talk with tons of people each day.  Jeffrey R. Holland said that *Satan cannot directly take a life.  That is one of the many things that he cannot do.  But he can effectively stop the work of God if he only binds the tongues of the faithful.*  I refuse to keep my mouth shut!!!  So pray that my voice gets better because I cant stop talking to people haha.  I also woke up with my right eye sealed shut with goobeys.  Guess who has pinkeye!!!  whooohooo!  I put my washcloth with warm water on my eye and it seemed to help a bit.  If it gets bad I will go to the doctor.  
This week we saw a miracle happen.  A man who was baptized with 12, fell away at 17 and now is a military policeman with 55 showed up at church with his three beautiful children.  He said that he felt inspired to come.  it was stake conference, so it was a bit long for the children to sit through, but he said that he wants to come back next week and even try to convince his wife to come too!  It is amazing how God can just do that.  He was baptized in a different city and never entered our chapel, but for some reason he just decided to get up and show up at the chapel.  

So funny story, we were with a member who needs to be reactivated.  This member was walking in the street with sandals and stubbed his pinky toe on a piece of wood.  He gasped in pain, tried to shout, but nothing came out....annnnnd soiled himself hahahahahahaaha.  Stuff that only happens on the mission.

sorry to keep this one short, but I am already running out of time.  I love you!!!

Elder Stinnett

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