Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, November 18, 2013

So, Sulacap is one of the hottest areas in the entire mission.  It reminds me a lot of Arizona, but instead of the Mexican beats we´ve got funk and pagode, and instead of dry riverbeds, we´ve got a valão that passes right by our house!!  (open sewer)  It is pretty much paradise. 
We are working right now to boost the animo of our ward members and our zone.  Seems like there have been some strange missionaries that passed here that didnt like to talk to the members very much and turned a few of them against us.  So right now our mission is reactivate, boost the frequency, and get these members happy again!  Im super excited.  I got to give a talk yesterday in Sacrament meeting (a surprise welcome present from Bispo haha) and it really turned out well.  Just by talking with the members and making them laugh and complimenting them made a HUGE difference in the few hours we were at church.  Ive got a really good feeling about this new area. 

Being an LZ is a bit different, and a lot of work.  We get to pass numbers a lot, talk with the assistents frequently, and anything that isnt exactly how it supposed to be falls on our shoulders.  It other words, it´s a lot of fun haha.  I like it a lot, and Elder Sea is a great comp.  He is a big guy from Argentina, and teaches with a certanty so strong, that sometimes I think that our pesquisadores are scared to not believe what he says haha.  

We got to teach a lawyer this week, and she went to church Sunday.-Clarice.  We taught her about the Book of Mormon and told her we would mark a part to have her read and pray to ask if it is true.  She grabbed the Book of Mormon from my hands and put it between her hands as if she was going to pray, closed her eyes, waited a few seconds, and then suddenly opened to a page.  She said *Eu quero ler esta pagina!*  I looked at the page and then at my comp, and then at the page, and my comp again.  We left it marked for her to read- still not believing that she was inspired to open to a page so powerful of the book.  She went to church- and said that she liked the reading a lot.  She was feeling differenty, but didnt know how to describe it.  She went to Gospel Principles- which was on the gathering of Israel- and questioned EVERYTHING!.  By the end, she had decided that she wanted to visit the temple, wants to meet the patriarch, and would like to receive her Patriachal blessing to see what her liniage is to see if she agrees before thinking about being baptized.  Wow.  I led her to the relief society.  When the hour was up, she stayed in there socializing with the rest of the old ladies and one by one the others started filing out.  Each one looked at me with big eyes, and in a hushed tone each told me the same thing.  *She asks a lot of questions!* or *She took over the class!!*  or *You Elders are crazy!*  Overall, Clarice made a ton of friends, and wants to go to a canning class this Saturday.  Im super excited.  we have various other pesqu that are coming out of the woodwork that Im excited to see.  
Welp, Ive got to go, but I hope that everyone is well, and Ill see yall next week!!


Elder Stinnett 

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