Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, November 11, 2013

This week was way cool!  Eduardo´s family was completed!!!!  Roseni, Maria Eduarda, and Bárbara all received answers to their prayers, and were baptized yesterday.  The baptism was beautiful, and the Spirit testified of the truthfulness and sacredness of the ordinance.  Roseni who is generally more reserved and serious couldnt help but smile as she came up out of the water.  It was definitely a day that I will never forget.  The history of this family has been changed forever, and the next step of being sealed in the temple is only 364 days away!  

This week, we also had a great service project cutting Robertos lawn and mango tree.  Good times.  When we said we needed to leave, Julia and Leticia grabbed onto my legs to keep us haha.  I’m really going to miss their family.  I received notice that I will be leaving this ward of Nova Iguacu and will be headed to Sulacap Madureira and my new comp will be Elder Sea.  I think he is Argentinan!  Gonna learn Spanish baby!!!  I’m super excited to see what this new area has in store for me. (Taylor will be a zone leader in the new area.)

We are going to go over to Belford Roxo to say goodbye to our LD and his comp and then weve got to make the rounds and visit the families of the ward.  Good byes never are very much fun :/

Welp, Ive got to go pack my giant duffle bag (Thanks again bishop pobst :D  
Ill see you all next week!

Elder Stinnett

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