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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hey everyone!
I am going to have to write super quick because I have noooo time left whatsoever.  I was trying to send photos.  I hope they went through.

So this week was way cool.  We had the confirmations of Vani, Hugo and Davi.  They are really firm in the church right now.  Hugo and Davi even were part of the primary program in sacrament meeting.  It was so funny to see them up there singing the songs that they only have heard for two weeks haha.  They even went up and said their part (memorized!) in the microphone.  They are such a special familiy.  We are still working with Paulo to soften his heart a little and help him to receive an answer to his prayers.  He excitedly told us that he was reading about nefitas, but doesnt feel like he knows it is true yet.  Vani bore a powerful testimony to him saying that being baptized was the best decision that she has ever made in her life.  I hope that Elder Hansen and I can work well with the members to help Paulo open up a little more.

We had a family reactivated this week!  It is an elderly couple of Reis and Angelita.  We went to visit them during the past few weeks and they are super funny.  They are the classic old casal that the husband has the personality of a little boy, and the wife is very sweet, and sometimes sassy haha.  Reis had a surgery a few weeks ago in the lower region and has been having a lot of pain, but when he remembered how much he liked the church before, he committed to go to church with us this week.  Everyone ran to hug them when they saw this family return this Sunday.  It was such a neat experience, and reminded me a little of the story of the prodigal son. 

This week, I did the interview for a baptism in Água Branca.  It was the niece of a member who is 12 years old.  She was born normal, but had an accident when she was little that stunted her progress.  In essence, she has the mind of an eight year old.  However, she decided that she wanted to be baptized.  After conversing with the bishop, and the mission president, it was liberated to teach her to prepare her for baptism.  When I got there to do the interview, I saw her, and I felt such a special spirit that she has.  Her aunt asked to accompany us during the interview to help her niece if needed.  She passed the interview with flying colors, and the aunt was chosen to give the closing prayer.   As she prayed, she started to get choked up, and the spirit came flooding in.  With an utmost knowing that she was being heard by God, she pleaded to Him that that day could be the rebirth of her niece, that she could be made whole- as she was when she was born.  I dont know if I have ever seen so much faith in one person.  It was an incredible example to me.  Elder Cost (seventy) told us at the CTM, if you have done all that you can do, you have the right to ask for a miracle.  This prayer was putting this counsel in practice.

I am so excited to see you guys this Christmas.  I will stay in Sulacap, so there wont have any problem doing skype, but this next week I will give you the details.  Love you all!

Elder Stinnett

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