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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hey Mom! and everyone else!

I got my package!  Thanks so much for the socks and letters and ring and everything.  I feel like a boss/grandpa with socks that have little squigles on them and the ring is super cool.  
Tomorrow we will have the start of a new transfer!!!  Elder Nammany and I will stick together as ZLs (he will leave 2 weeks early to head off to BYUI in time for the semester to start).  We will have a few changes in the zone-  Elder Krepsz (the one we dressed like Santa) is leaving along with Elder Montenegro, Elder Rojas, Elder Jorge, and Elder Ribeiro.  Im gonna miss those guys. 
I gave a talk yesterday in Sacrament meeting.  I chose the topic *When you are converted, strengthen thy bretheren*  I got to use Adam´s Valentine to me where he told me how he read the whole Book of Mormon and then told me what he liked and gave a short testimony at the end.  I showed it to everyone and explained the importance of using the basic building blocks of scripture study and prayer, and going to the church to live the doctrine of Christ- and how this will help us be inspired to be missionaries.  It went really well, and I feel that the members were touched to do more.  I pretty much dont get nervous at all to give talks anymore.  I hope that going back to the US and having to speak English up in front of everyone doesnt weird me out haha.
Ive got really good news...Rogerio went to church again!!!  He was taking a trip last week, and he found us in the street as we were doing contacts and he told us *Im going to church with my daughter this week!  My wife doesnt like churches, but we are going.*  And he went!   He told me he really liked the talk I gave and got really sad when we told him that there was a possibility that one of us would be transferred.  He told us to pass by that night and he made us some cool fish dish for dinner. I have no idea what it was, but the bones of this fish were MASSIVE!  pretty tasty.  i dont know if it is just because we are eating fresher fish than they have in AZ, but I am kindof liking it.  Ill have to get the recipe and try it at home haha.  
Youre never gonna guess what happened to our recent conver Cilene (the little old lady).  This last week she grabbed a taxi to go to church and she was kidnapped. :O  The guy picked her up and then when she realized that he was taking weird paths and passed her destination, she was like *Do you have bad intentions with me?  Because if you do, Ill have you know that Im a baptized member of the Church of Jesus Christ!* haha the taxi driver broke down a bit and was like *I wasnt even supposed to work today, but ive got all these problems with my family and work and when I saw you, you reminded me of my aunt....and I wanted to talk to you....*  Cilene responed *Well that is very nice.  You can take me home now.*  The drive was like *Well, Im just going to stop here in this hotel and take a shower and then ill take you home.*  When they got to the hotel, he wanted her to go up to the room with him. *Im not going up there with you!  *  *No, just come and wait on the bed.  Ill be really fast*  *No, Im staying down here in the lobby!* Cilene responded.  The driver reluctantly went up to the room alone, smoked a cigarette and then came back down,and took Cilene back home.  When I heard her story, I got super weirded out.  Needless to say, we went there yesterday to grab a van together to get to church.  I dont want any other weird incidences like that to happen to her.  Up until now, Cilene is convinced that the devil is sending every thing he can at her to take her away from the one true church.  

Ive got to get heading off, but I love you all and hope that all is well with you guys!!

Elder Stinnett

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