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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry guys, I am really rushed for time today, but I had a great week. Elder Namanny is ending his mission right now and we are working hard to help him leave on a good note.  We were in sacrament meeting and I heard a great talk that made me think a lot.  Adrianna talked about families. There are some things that I learned/ made an opinion about during that talk and afterwards when I pondered about it.
  -*Nossos filhos são como os nós pais somos*  or rather *our children are as we parents are*---or in other words the best way we can lead is by example
  -The responsibility to teach the children is only of the parents- not of the school or the church.  -and it is an extremely sacred responsibility
- our job as parents/ future parents is not only to let our children grow up, but grow as people.  with food and time, they will grow in size, but personal growth requires time comittement, searching, and love.
- we have to help them take advantage of their capacities when they are young and help them develop their talents and expand their vision and open up doors.
            -eg reading, piano, scripture study, etc
I feel a little like dr Dean saying stuff like this, but I think it took me 20 years to really understand how important the raising of kids is-  it is the base that gives a person capacities and skills to grow and succeed in life.  I can say that I am a lot more grateful for my childhood than I had realized ever before.  i have a wonderful family that let me try new things and experiment many roads while helping me stay focused in the gospel along the way.  Here in a little bit, Ill have to apply it to my own family, and I feel alot more capable of doing this after experiencing what I have in life and here on the mission.

We were visiting Rogerio the other day and we were trying to help him see that if he gave less focus in just working that he and his family would be a lot happier.  he gave us his whole life story, and I could see how little decisions in his life led him to the pickle he is in right now.  he told us something about lymphatic draining- which was odd and really interesting.  aparently you massage a fat person and try to *push* fat towards lymphnodes.  (there are 6- on the legs, on the neck, and in your pits) and then as the fat is broken down and enters the lymphnodes,  you pee your fat out and you get skinnier.  Aparently he helped some lady lose 30 cm of waistline....interesting.  He loved doing this and seeing the effects that it had in people, but his wife got jealous...  Im not going to be a massagist.  

We are working a ton right now, the results are a little slower than we would like, but Im just excited to be here on the mission.  Our zone is seeing a great change for the better which is really nice.  I feel like I am fulfilling what the Lord has asked of me here in Madureira, Sulacap, and that is pretty much all I can ask for.  
Love you all!!!

Elder Stinnett

we were hitting some doors and we saw this girl...hahaha

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