Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, December 31, 2012

Glad to hear about Christmas!  Realmente, nada aconteceu on Christmas for us.  Christmas eve was great with the feast at a member's house, but Christmas was just like other days-preaching the gospel and all of the good stuff.  It was great!  Here serving a mission feels like the days crawl but the weeks fly.  Not really sure how that works.  
I'm not sure if I told you, but we had Zone conference on Christmas eve!  It was a blast.  I attached a picture of everone.  My companion is the one on the far right.  Oh, remember that nasty smelling fruit that Andrew Zimmern (The guy from bizzare foods on tv) can't eat?  Yup.  Ate it.  It's name is Jaca.  It has spikes on the outside, giant seeds on the inside, smells like Sammy's feet, and tastes like a banana and a mango had kids....with the aftertaste of feet.  So, as long as you keep eating it, your fine.  I love it!  kindof.  There is a pic if you can't remember.  Anywhoot, we had five pesquisadores attend church yesterday!  One of them is Fortunado.  He is a guy who has had a lot of hardships, and seems to really be opening up to us.  We went in to his house for the second time, read him the story about Joseph Smith (My son, peace be unto thy soul, for thine adversities and afflictions shall be but a small moment..)  and then sang "Sou um Filho de Deus"  The spirit was really strong.  After, he offered my companion and I some suco (Juice)  It was night time and the suco was dark, so we both got our cups full and I took a sip expecting grape juice...huh.  Not juice.  I pulled it away from my mouth, sniffed it a bit,  and looked at my companion.  It smelled a bit like coffee.  My companion started smiling really big. I asked him was it was...He thinks it was some kind of cha gelado (chilled tea)  which he quickly assured me that here it is not contra the word of wisdom....So, with nothing I could do, I chugged that cup full of gross stuff.  Not reeeallly sure what it was, but I repented just in case.  :D
Also, we've been with no water for three days.  You know what that means!!!  NOOOO SHOWERSSS!!!!!  Just kidding.  We fill a bucket with water from a tap below (Because the pressure isn't sufficient to pump it to our room upstairs)  and run it up to the shower and use that.  Also, the water smells like eggs.
Today, nós vamos subir um montanha perto de casa com 2 pesquisadores jovens.  We will pick mangos and try to find more of the foot fruit.  Yup, it's a crazy life.  Pray that I won't get eaten by an anaconda or attacked by little monkeys.  I'm so excited!  
The work is going great, and if all goes according to plan, we will a baptismal service this week!

Espero que tudo é bem.  Eu oro por voces cada dia.  A igreja é verdadeira, e com a mão do Senhor, tudo e possível!  
Eu amo voces
Até proximo vez,
Elder Stinnett.

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