Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

That is great news to hear that Adrian is getting married.  That was really cool that he said that I would have been one of the groomsmen.  I'll definitely send him a letter to congratulate him when I get some time. 
Today we went to the temple again.  My last time for two years :(  I got the chance to do Annointings.  It was completely in Portuguese and the were whispering so I only got to pick out a few random words.  But the spirit was definitely there. 
Tell Ashlee and Adam thanks for me.  I really appreciate every bit of help...I can't stop thinking about everyone who has supported me being out here.
Yesterday guess what sister came into my classroom to say hi?  Sister Mendenhall.  (I think that's how you spell it)  I'm not sure which one of the twins it was, but her mission is Belem (Bethlehem in Portuguese). 

 It's been a really good week so far!  We got a chance to watch the first presidency Christmas devotional.  That opening number was amazing.  I'm not sure whether the choir is that good or the Spirit made it seem better, but that was one of the most beautiful renditions of that song I've ever heard.  Going along with the Christmas theme, we were able to go out on Sunday night and carol just outside the CTM.  President Degn (The CTM president) was a concert pianist and a fireworks technician (weird combination) so he was at the piano.  It was really good to be able to sing those songs about Christ and remember why it is we have the holiday. 
We got to go proselyting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHH!!!
Yah, I was so excited.  It was over 24 hours ago, but I'm still running off of the sharing-the-gospel-with-others-high.  We separtated into companionships and we were let loose on the streets in our boundaries for a couple of hours.  At first it was a bit difficult to figure out how to approach someone on the street because most everyone is walking really fast, but once you get them talking about Christ, it seems like you can't go wrong.  Elder Palmer, Elder Nascimento, and I ended up sharing 8 Os Livros de Mormon in the time we were given!  My first contacto de rua was a man named Victor.  He is a Brasillero, but he lived in Sydney Aus.  for a couple of years as a chef or Brazillian food.  Can you imagine a Brasillero with an Australian accent?  Legal!!!  It seemed like as we were out there longer, I stopped thinking how to say stuff and the words just came out of my mouth.  I could understand the large majority of what they were saying to me too!  Any whoot, we get to go out this weeks again.  Não posso esperar!!

So this week, a sister was ironing her clothes at like 10:40 PM.  Should have been in bed right?  I guess she was new to the whole ironing thing because her clothes caught fire and set off the alarm.  We got to walk down 6 flights of stairs in flip flops and pajamas and wait outside the CTM for 20 minutes while the guards went and checked things out.  It was pretty funny :D

Also, during service this Wednesday, Elder Haws and I found a slug in the middle of the court yard.  We finished up sweeping and then came back to play with it, but it looked like it wasn't really moving.  So we sat ourselves down on the bench and Haws started poking it with a stick.  Nothing.  Well, we couldn't just leave it there, it was on the floor we swept and it didn't belong.  And we coudn't put it in the trash if it was alive cause that is mean.  So, just to make sure that it was dead, I put my foot out and stepped on it....It exploded and went up the side of my shoe, on my basketball shorts, on my face, and in my mouth.  Ever wondered what slug poop tastes like?  Gross.  that's what.  :P 

Well, those are the highlights of my week.  Isso tempo proxima semana, eu vou ser no Rio de Janeiro!!  Eu amo voces e eu espero que voces vão ter uma boa semana.  A igreja é verdadeira e Cristo vive. 
Até mais,
Elder Stinnett

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