Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, January 14, 2013

I don't have any pictures of the floods unfortunately. I didn't want to get my camera soaked in the rain.  But I do have pictures of the aftermath a little bit.  Sorry, I don't have time to send any photos this week.  I'm really pressed for time.  But next week will be great!

So, Fortunato was confirmed this week.  It was really neat to be a part of the circle.  The spirit is always so strong in blessings.  He was really worried that he wouldn't feel anything different, so we fasted and prayed for him.  When we went over to his house to talk to him after church, he said that he felt something out of the ordinary.  He also has a really neat experience of how he knew that we were messengers of God.  Apparently the night we first met him, we told him to pray about us.  If we were really giving him the gospel or something fake.  That night he heard his name being called in the street multiple times, but he couldn't find out where.  His  namorada who lives on the same street heard it too.  He says that that was how he knew.  

I also witnessed a miracle of a different sort walking to a member's house for Almoço.  There's a main street divided with a median in the middle where they are making two lanes to be used only by busses.  In the middle was lying a looked dead like it got hit by a car.  A guy saw it before us and went up and nudged it with his foot.  The dog's legs started spazzing out like it was trying to get up but couldn't.  I thought it was done for.  The man grabbed the front paw of the dog, dragged it to the other side of the road, and threw it in the air.  IT LANDED ON ALL FOURS!! like nothing even happened.  it walked away.  My companion and I couldn't believe it.  I've seen that same dog wandering the streets since.  I call him Lazerus.  

We have another pesqu. that we invited to be baptized.  She accepted and went to church.  She is very interested and talks for hours about her life and how Christ has helped her.  I can totally see her as Relief Society Pres.  I asked her about the confirmation of Fortunato and asked if that is something she would like.  She thought for a second and said that ever since we met her, she's had a desire deep in her heart to be baptized.   Hopefully all goes well and this Domingo, she will be!  

No for a funny story... So we were teaching a preacher.  It's not nearly as fun as it sounds.  Combined with the fact that they know how to manipulate scriptures and the "I know it all" feeling they have makes for a frustrating lesson.  It's difficult to try to teach when he is trying to convert you.  So, muitas vezes in the middle of my sentences he would cut me off and start talking about something different.  After about 7 times of this, we were a bit frustrated.  What was funny is when he thought he made a point, he would give this laugh ahh haha HA!!!   Yup, it was great.  So, in the middle of my sentence he cut me off again.  I kind of snapped.  I started going off in English, something like "you know what, I can talk over you and cut you off in english and you won't think it's very nice either buddy"  He stopped really fast and looked at me like "Huh, he can actually speak fluently in a different language.  Maybe he's not such a retard after all."  (Or that's how I imagined it :D)  Just that look of astonishment made my day.  Not the most Christlike of me, but hey I'm trying.  

Well, that's all I have time to write today.  I love you all.  Take care.  The church is true.

Elder Stinnett

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