Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, January 21, 2013

So this week has been pretty good.  It's hard to believe that I've alread been out almost three months!  I think.  Keeping track of time is really hard.  
Last PDay, we went up into the mountains to pick mangoes, bananas, and jaca (the foot fruit).  Man it was crazy.  I saw a lizard the length of my leg, their were wild cows that tried to attack us to steal our jaca, and to top it all off, my comp forgot his water bottle so we only had mine.  Guess what that mean....coconut milk!!!  It's actually really stinking good, but you only drink from the green ones.  So, we were picking coconuts and all of a sudden we heard shots.  Then they stopped and then there was one that was much louder.  You bet your buns we ran down that mountain.  By that time it was pouring rain and there was a flood at the bottom of the mountain.  There was a car that was stuck in the dirt at the bottom that wasn't there before.  As we arrived, five men came out and asked us to help them.  So we tried but it was stuck really deep.  But the whole situation was really shifty.  Two of the men took out pistols and threw them in the car so they wouldn't get wet.  Elder Lima disse "A gente vai em la entao." (Pretty much, we need to go.)  He told me that they are milicianos..corrupt police.  We made it home safe and we decided not to go in the mountains anymore...The good news is, I've got some sweet pictures!!!!

Anyways, we got our hair cut this week.  I thought I was pretty well off.  I'm pretty comfortable with being able to say what I need to, but my barber had a lisp.  It didn't turn out how I expected haha. He ended up removing my natural hairline to make it straight in the front, more open on the sides, and it looks like I have a giant forhead.  So yah.  :D  Good news is it will grow. Ohh, and so my companion had an ingrown toenail.  Aparently it's been there for the past six months.  He was messing with it one morning during personal study and all of a sudden I smelt something putrid.  He popped it and there was nasty stuff everywhere!  He was kindof looking at it confused.  "Por que meu dedo cheira assim?"  (Why does my toe smell like this).  I told him that bacteria was eating his toe and that soon it would need to be amputated.  I guess sarcasm doesn't really work in Portuguese because he started freaking out and would calm down until we called the mission nurse and had and appointment set with a pediatrist to get it taken care bad hahaha

Teaching is going really great.  I'm finally to the point where I can express myself pretty well and understand for the most part what everyone is saying.  I had a contact ask me yesterday how long I've been here in Brasil.  I told him almost 3 months and he called me a liar.  The gift of tongues is real.  E as vezes, é mais facil falar em Portugues.  :P Eu sou grato cada dia por o oportunidade eu tenho para compartilhar um mensagem que vai abençoar a vida de quem que vai aceitar.  Eu sei que estou sendo protegido por O Senhor aqui.  Este é a igreja de Cristo.  Realmente foi restaraudo por Joseph Smith.  Eu ja vi milagres acontecem em minha vida e em a vidas das pessoas que nós temos a chance ensinar.  Voce pode ficar tranquilo.  Eu estou seguro e aproveitando minha missão.  É  dificil, sim.  Mais, ela tem um valor mais grande que as desafios estou vencendo.  Amo voces.  Tenham um semana otima pra mim e mandem pra mim um hamburgur americano.  Sinto falto disso.  
A igreja é verdadeiro,
Translation: "And sometimes, it's easier to talk in Portuguese. : P I'm thankful every day for the opportunity I have to share a message that will bless the lives of those who will accept. I know I'm being protected by the Lord here. This is the church of Christ. It really was restaraudo by Joseph Smith. I've seen miracles happen in my life and in the lives of people that we have the chance to teach. You can rest assured. I am safe and enjoying my mission. It's hard, yes. Plus, it has a value greater than the challenges I'm winning. I love you guys. Otima have one week for me and send me one hamburgur American. I miss that.
The church is true,
Elder Stinnett

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