Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, January 28, 2013

So this week we had a number of weird/ cool experiences.  Some spiritual and some just odd.  We were walking in the street and this lady pulls us to the side and tells us that her house is posessed.  Yup.  She was saying that it just feels odd, and that her baby cries whenever she enters the house with him.  She wanted us to pray over the house and cast the demons out of it.  We reluctantly stepped in (the baby started to cry) and this tense feeling came over us.  I don't know how to describe it, but I didn't like it.  We said a simple prayer asking for protection, for a feeling of comfort, and that we can have the spirit with us.  By the end of the prayer, the baby was silent.  We shared a scripture, sang a hymn, and when we stood up to leave, I glanced over and the baby was fast asleep.  The power of prayer in faith is definitely real.  

We have a lady in the ward Irma Angela.  She has a really cool family and they have been the 'missionary house' for the past few years.  She has litterally become my mom here in Brasil.  This week, we had received a lot of dinero em vez de comida pra Almoço which means we eat in the street and kindof go the day with a knawing hunger because of the lack of rice and beans.  We went over to her house on Friday to see how they were, and Elder Lima let it slip to the daughter that we hadn't had a real lunch in three days. (it was like 6 oclock)  The daughter gasped, ran to Irma Angela, whispered something in her ear, and then "WHAAAT!!! NO RICE AND BEANS FOR THREEE DAYS?!?!!"  "Filhos, por que voces não me deixaram saber?"  She got up right then and in less than ten minutes we had rice, beans, steak, pasta, and suco.  Yah, she's pretty great haha.  Her family was sick yesterday, so we had the opportunity to go give the sacrament to her.  Saying the prayer in Portuguese was way cool.  

We had splits with the zone leaders this week, so I spent the night over in a different area "Jardim Maravilha"  It was really cool to see how other missionaries work so that I can better myself.  While I was there, we were walking and saw some people struggling to hoiste a giant concrete pole and plant it in the ground.  We stopped for a second and helped them out.  Afterwards I read the sign on the front of the building, and wouldn't you know, a couple of mormon missionaries (us)helped build a Baptist church haha.  Not sure what type of blessings I should expect from that, but I thought it was funny.  

As for the picture, I saw this while walking and had to grab a photo with it.  Batman lives throughout the world!!!!

Until next week, the church is true.

Elder Stinnett 

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