Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, March 18, 2013

New companion!!!!!!! His name is Elder Gallion, he's from Missouri, and he is a spiritual powerhouse.  He's got about a year and a half on the miss so far and knows his way around things.  We got back from Novo Rio, grabbed a picture of Christ (the awesome one by Del Parson) and taped a picture of Christ getting baptized on the back, and went around telling people como Cristo tem um convite para eles---receber o verdadeiro batismo por alguem que tem autoridade de Deus.  It works surprisingly well.  We had a lot of people let us in and teach them.  I'll have to keep you updated on how it goes because we are out to baptize the world!!!

So we went to a recent convert's house and we found her super sick laying on her bed without the energy to move.  She told us that she new we would come.  We were able to give her a blessing during which I felt the impression to say that she would be healed of this by the faith she has.  The next day we returned and she was up and running around like nothing had ever happened.  Faith is a powerful thing.  It is just the miracles Christ did.  Always, they were based on the faith of the recipient.  I'm super grateful to see all of these miracles working day to day around me.  They are a testimony to me of the truthfulness of this gospel and give me the ability to share them and help others as well.  

Also, remember the lady who liked to walk behind us on the street and ruin our contacts by saying we are of the devil?  If not, that's what happened.  She came up to us out of the blue one day, and gave us a sincere apology saying how wrong she was and how she would like to be forgiven.  I wonder what gave her that change of heart, but what ever it is I'm glad.  My comp and I now call her Alma the younger.

Well, I'm out of time, but here is a little of my life right now.  Super happy, content with the work, and seeing miracles every day.  Tchao for now,

Elder Stinnett

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  1. Congratulations to you Elder Gallion welcome to the family hope you enjoy and God Bless!

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