Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, March 11, 2013

Transfers!!!!  Tomorrow we will have to go to Novo Rio to drop off my comp., Elder Lima who will go to a new area and I will meet my new comp Elder Gallion.  I will have the opportunity to work mais uma transferencia here in Cesario de Melo.  I'm excited to see what kinds of changes will come and how the work will spread.  I have high hopes and know we are following the will of the Lord.  
This week, we had a pesqu. family come to church!!! Almeida, Neigi, and their little boy.  They are super nice and don't lack much to make the critical step of baptism.  I hope we can teach them in a way that the Spirit can touch their hearts and testify to them.  

This week I had the chance to finish reading the Book of Mormon.  I took up the old Moroni's promise and went into the bedroom to kneel and ask, with a sincere heart having faith in Christ if these things are true.  I had barely uttered the words when I was overcome with the Spirit.  Even as I am typing these words, I am having a reconfirmation of the veracidade of these things.  Sempre como missionarios, explicamos o que significa para saber que o Livro de Mormon é verdadeiro.  I started to think of what it meant for me.  If the Book of Mormon is true, which I had just received a confirmation, it means that Joseph Smith was a prophet who restored the Chuch of Jesus Christ.  It means that this path that I have been taught by parents and family and friends, that I have been following my entire life is not only true, but is the will of God.  This mission that I am serving realmente is the will of God, and that these things we teach our pesquisadores will benefit them in an eternal way.  I am so grateful to have this confirmation and will carry it with me whereever I go.  

On a different note, we had the chance to go to the hospital during the week because Elder Lima's ear was bleeding.  It is so strange!  Everyone has a card given by the gov't and they go to the hospital for everything!  We waited a couple hours and then were called into a room with a desk.  The doctor asked Elder Lima a few questions, looked inside a "Easy Diagnosis for Dummy's book"  (ok, ok, that wasn't the title)  and then wrote down a medicine for Elder Lima to buy.  I asked the doctor if he was going to look in Elder Lima's ear.  He told me he didn't have to because it wasn't bleeding or dripping puss.  Huh.  We left, and I have made a promise to myself that when I'm a doctor, I will look inside of every single patient's ear.  Twice.

Well, I'd like to tell more stories, but my time is up.  It's time to go help Elder Lima pack his bags.  I'll see you all next week...ou melhor vou ver suas emails..  Thanks for all of the support.  I feel the effects of your prayers each day. 

Love you, and know I pray for you.  
Abraço forte,

Elder Stinnett

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