Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, March 25, 2013

So this week has been full of a lot of funny stuff and miracles.

Every day, we pray to meet families that are married and ready to here the gospel.  (Married people here a rare, and marriage is a lengthly process.)  We were walking in the street one day, and this guy runs up to us in a panic.  "Hey can you help me tie this tie?  I'm getting married here in an hour and I need to get ready!"  Yup, you can bet we tied that tie, wrote down his info, and we'll go back another day.  Little does he know, he wasn't really searching for someone to tie a tie, he was searching for the true and living gospel!  

Also, we had a lot of opportunities to help people out.  There was a man who was walking up a hill with his bicycle.  He was way drunk and falling on the ground and had his pants around his ankles.  We carefully lifted him up off the ground, helped him get his pants on, and started to walk away.  He decided he wanted to take his pants off anyways, so we let him be.  

But later that day we did have the chance to help someone.  It started pouring and there was a girl in a wheelchair trying to get up a hill.  I left my stuff with Elder Gallion at the top and ran down to help her up.  I pushed her to the top, got her to her house and kept going.  By that point, my shirt was so soaked you could see through it, but I felt like I did my job as a missionary.  Sometimes, it's the little things that make your day.  

We kept having the little miracles happen each day that shows that realmente, the Lord is at the head of this work helping people come to Him.  I'm so grateful for this work, but unfortunately my time is up right now.  

Abraco, and until next time my prayers are with you.  

Elder Stinnett

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