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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, April 1, 2013

So this week, we finally got some pesquisadors na igreja after the drought we were having.  One of them is the sister of a recent converts who I'm sure is about to be the next relief society president.  This means that this conference weekend, it is super possible to have her baptism.  By the end of sacrament meeting, she stood up and put her hand over her heart, rubbing it and saying how good she felt.  

This week was also full of mini miracles.  We were tracting one day and we had already walked past a door and I felt the need to return.  We did, and knocked.  Turned out it was a lady named Fatima who has been inactive for a couple years and had just been praying to know if she needed to go back to church or not.  She said in her prayer she told God, that if the church was true, that he would send the missionaries to her door.  I know that it was not any type of coincidence that we were prompted to return to that door.  

We also taught a woman who was a little off the weird side.  She is living with someone right now, even though she is legally married to another man.  In short all the paper work to get her set to be baptized would take a couple of years.  But baptism isn't the only objective.  It's to help people right?  So she smoked two packs a day, and didn't know how to stop.  We sat her down and made a plan.  We told her that the next day, she would only smoke one pack, and diminish the number from there.  However, every time she wanted to smoke a cigarrete, she would sit down on a chair in front of the refrigerator, drink a glass of water, and stare and the picture of Christ we put there for five minute while praying for force not to smoke.  We went back a couple days later, and she hadn't smoked a single one.  

I'm so happy that we can see the little miracles that keep happening, and I pray that we can all continue to be part of the work of the Lord.  Cada pessoa tem outros que só ele pode tocar.  Eu sei que esta obra é verdadeiro.  Somos os soldados de Cristo e ele é a cabeça.  Vamos la.

Até proxima vez,

Elder Stinnett

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