Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, April 15, 2013

This week went super well.  We were able to get a heck a ton of people in church.  (Most of them were moças - girls) but hey.  when you are so dang attractive that is bound to happen.  :D  Just kidding.  Bispo(Bishop) made sure to tell us that it is the light of Christ they see in us that makes them flock to us.  Not our white skin and dashing good looks.  

So, we were walking down a street and I saw a kind of different guy standing on the corner smoking a cigarrette.  We walked up to him and I started talking.  "Hey man, why are you smoking that?  You know you are making Jesus really sad right now."  He took the cigarrette out of his mouth and looked at it.  "Tell you what- let's trade.  You throw that cigarrette away and I'll give you a present from Jesus."  The man looked up at me, down at the cigarrette, and then up at me again.  Then, chucked the cigarrette into the street.  We were then able to give him a pamphlet about the restoration of the gospel.  Yup, he pretty much made my day.  

We have really been able to see the changes that are talking place in the members we help and the people we teach.  I guess on of the hard parts of missionary work is realizing that you have to be willing to completely put yourself and your opinion aside and just speak by the spirit.  The Lord knows way better what his children need that you ever could, and he will put the words in your mouth that you need to say to let the Spirit touch their hearts. 
Sorry the email is a bit short,  but I wish you all the best for the week
The Church is TRUE!!

Elder Stinnett

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