Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, April 8, 2013

Unfortunately, I haven't eaten a single tortilla since I've been here.  I'll give you a rundown of a normal lunch.  You sit down, put a layer of rice down on the plate, put a couple of ladle fulls of beans on top, then spaghetti noodles with a mild sauce (some of the time), a chicken leg or a fatty piece of roast-type meat, and then farinha (it's like a powdered potatoe like vegetable) on top to dry some of the bean juice so you can eat it with a fork.  And there is always soda.  I can not tell you how sick I am of soda.  The thing is, is that it is hard to say no b/c they buy it especially for you.  I just want water!!!  You've got to fill your plate 2 or 3 times because you know it is so dang delicious, and you don't want the Irmas mad at you.  

We didn't get to watch the priesthood session b/c it started 9 at night.  But, we will definitely read about it in the Liahona!  What was really cool is that the conference was voiced over in Portuguese.  It was a bit different, but Elder Scott did his own voice!  It sounds to me like he speaks Spanish, so his accent was a bit hard to understand, but we got the authentic Elder Scott experience!  But can you believe it?  We are getting a new temple!  Our mission president is always hyping us out about getting a temple, so you bet when it was announced we jumped up out of our chairs.  

 oh, and tell Conner happy birthday for me.  I'm writing cards, but it will be like a month before it gets there :D  

So we had a mini miracle happen.  We were trying to find new people to teach, and I felt like we should visit a contact that didn't seem too promising.  We went there anyways.  Someone else answered the door and it turned out he was an inactive.  We got to talking and he ended up going to a session of conference, and is excited to go to church!  I guess you can't really argue with the prompting you get.  

Unfortunately I'm out of time, but I'll make sure to get in more stories next time.

Love you all, stay strong.

Elder Stinnett

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