Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, April 29, 2013

Pamela got confirmed!  Whoo hoo!.  One more soul on her way to salvation, and all that good stuff.  So my new comp is Elder Bendoski.  He's from Florida, and has just a little more than a year on the mission.  He's a good guy and wants the best for people.  Neither one of us speak Portuguese perfectly, so that makes lessons interesting haha. 

 Well, I've got some bad news.  I went to go print a photo of the baptism to give to Pamela, and I gave the guy at the lanhouse my memory card.  He put it in the computer, and it started to load all the photos, and then Poof it turned all funky letters and now only 100 of the some 500 photos and videos I have on it appear.  (From like December to right now we erased or something.)  Before, the card says that the memory would let me take 200 more photos and it still says it now, so it is possible that they are still on there.  There is this big archive file that you can't open which may contain those photos.  If not, they are kind of lost.  The good news is that some of the cpplest ones I already sent home.  The bad news is, well, I didn't really want to lose any of those.  What I will do, is apparently there is a kodak place in Campo Grande.  I'll see if they can fix it today, and if not, I will send it home to you (get one of the computer people in the ward to work some magic.)  I'm buying a 16 gig flash drive though to back up my photos from now on.  Lesson learned.  At least that happened early in the mission right?  The good news is that we had lunch Irma Angela's house that day.  She asked me why we were late, and we explained the whole situation.  She made her husband go get some ice cream to cheer us up.  It was just like one of those movies where the boyfriend breaks up with the teen girl and then she has to have a pity party and eat 
ice cream with her friends to get by.  Pretty sure I lost a couple of points on my man card for that one.  But the ice cream was delicious :D

So my WML found out he has type one diabetes.  He took it pretty hard.  He took us home to have a meeting with him and eat a snack.  He started drinking some guaracamp (a super sugary drink made from concentrated syrup).  I asked him if he thought it was good to drink that knowing of his condition.  He looked at me and asked me, "O que é um peido por alguem que já esta cargado?"  Or in other words "What is a fart for someone who has already pooped his pants?"   He's the best hahaha.  Looks like he is still in the 'denial' stage of things haha.  

Well, I'll try to send a pic with this week's message.  Pray the computer doesn't kill the card again.  

Love you all, 
until next week,
Elder Stinnett 

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