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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey Everybody!!!

This week was super cool.  We had the baptism and confirmation of Cilene!!! She is a sweat little lady that seems like she has been a member her entire life.  She walked into the sacrament meeting and noone recognized her as a pesquisadora. The night of her baptism, we got to the chapel and took pictures, had the reunion and then it came to the part of the baptism.  We had explained atleast 100 times that when Elder Namanny says Amen, you plug your nose and bend your knees.  Well, he said amen and she jumped in the air, tucked her knees to her chest, didnt plug her nose, and went under part of the way.  Elder Namanny using good instinct gave her a little push down to get the full immersion effect.  It was while she was down there that she thought it would be good to plug her nose.  She wasnt coming out on her own, so Elder namanny started to lift her up, until her torso was out of the water.  With her eyes shut, legs stuck out straight like a board, and her hand still plugging her nose tight (I think she thought she was still under water) Elder Namanny held her in the air for a few seconds until she finally realized it was finally over. hahahaha.  When she came back from changing her clothes, she said it was the best experience that she has had in her life.  Im glad she was able to feel that even though that was maybe the funniest baptism that I have ever seen haha.
Sunday, I was able to confirm her a member of God´s true church.  (The first time that I have done that).  It was such a special experience, and I think of how the angels up in heaven were writing down in the books her name.  It is so cool to be part of God´s work!!

We also found a beautiful family to teach.  They are Rogerio, Kate, and Thaiane.  We taught them this Sunday and we shared the message of the restoration.  I was bearing my personal testimony about the restoration of the church and Rogerio started to cry.  The Spirit was definitely strong during the lesson. They want to go to church this week, but they are worried about Carnaval.  They told us that we need to go to their house Sunday morning and they will drive us to church hahaha.  (There are some crazy people that go around with plastic balls on strings hitting people hahah)  This family has a bunch of parakeets that run loose in the bushes in front of their house.  Kate started grabbing them and putting them in our hands. I felt kindof like a pirate.  

We also marked a baptismal date with a woman named Yolanda.  She was the reference of a crazy less active member that rides his bike in the street and sells chocolate bars.  Yolanda has a son that fell on the ground and hit his head because of an epileptic seizure.  She had been asking for someone to visit her and lift her spirits.  We taught her the restoration and marked a baptismal date for 15 de Março.  When she prayed, she thanked God for sending her the true  gospel and asked that she can stay in this road.  I think that with this case, our challenge will be helping her to stay firm, not just baptizing her.  Retention!!!

Ive got to go now, but Im really thankful for all your thoughts and prayers.  See yah next week!!!
Elder Stinnett 

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