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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, February 10, 2014

.  I am the Lider de Zona Lider right now and Elder Namanny is my Lider de Zona.  They have pretty much the same responsiblities.  We each take care of one district and combine together to see what are the zone´s necessities.   However, even though we are both zone leaders, all of the sins of the zone fall on my head.  So yah.  Im learning to be super humble really fast.  It gives me a little bit of understanding when the prophets in the book of Mormon told the people that they are helping the people because if they dont, then their clothes will be stained with the sins of the people- or even` as in 2 nefi says *For I pray continually for them by day, and mine eyes water my pillow by night, because of them; and I cry unto my God in faith, and I know that he will hear my cry*  I never really understood before how mine own actions have such a large effect on the life and the salvation of others.  We really do all have a mission here and if we do not fulfill, we will certainly be held responsible.  I really came to understand the gratitude I have for the temple yesterday.  Even though I am a missionary- representative of Christ,  I can never feel at ease and rest.  During the day, we have goals and projects to complete, and also we have to vicariously complete the goals and projects of the rest of the zone through inspiration, divisions, and tough love.  Even in the chapel the feeling is changed.  Instead of focusing on the speaker, you focus on the pesquisador and if he is understanding, and distract them when that old toot member gets up and starts to bear his testimony about some profound-doctrine-that-i-have-never-ever-heard-of-before.  I miss that feeling that I have in the celestial room of the temple, so much. More that home, or on dates, or playing golf, or eating a whole little cesars pizza on the way home from a date,  I miss that room.  I pray that God can build His temple here fast, because this is one of the places that is needing this peace most. 

Elder Namanny is from California.  He spent most of his mission in the mission office, (Speaking english with the other secretaries) so Im trying to help him get back in the swing of things- with teaching, and Portuguese, and people skills.  It has been interesting, but I have come to realize, for each of the flaws that I have seen in him, Ive got 10, so we have been learning together alot.  It will be a good transfer.  He is finishing his mission here in 1.5 transfers (He leaves early to go back to school) so we have got to make every second count!!!
I am not understanding Rosangela- she saw angels, received an answer of God so strong that she called us crying, saying God told her to be baptized, she had prayed to find us- and we made a contact with her,,,,,and we cant find her at home and she doesnt answer her cell.  I dont know why she would be running, but I have a guess that she heard something about the church and got shaken.  We are praying like Enos for her, and we will go there tonight to see what we can do.  However, God has given us many elects to visit.  We visited a family that our Patriarch pointed out to us.  In the end they went from *we are  jewish and I dont like my wife enough to marry her for real* to *Sure, if God touches my heart I will get married and be baptized in the church of Christ* haha
An old lady went to church with us- Silene. We went to visit her Saturday, and we had planned to read 3 Nefi 11 with her (She has bad sight) and before anything she said, *I have to tell you about a dream I had 4 years ago.*  It was about 3 nefi 11.  Christ descended from the heavens in a white robe and showed his scars to her,and invited her to follow  Him.  WOW

I just want to say that even though Im a bit complainer,I am super grateful to be here in the mission field.  I dont know where I would be at spiritually if I didnt decide to come.  Christ has touched my life, and each day I come to know Him better.  I know that this work is true, necessary, and is our responsiblity as members of the church.

Ill see you all next week,
Elder Stinnett

some pics with me and Elder Hansen.  this is the family of the patriarch

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