Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, February 3, 2014

Transfers!!! again. Seems like this transfer,President made some huge changes in the mission.  A lot of ZLs were taken down (He is taking out the old missionaries, because the new ZLs are going to have to *train* the new president/ give him an easy entry to the mission.)  Elder Hansen will now open Nova Iguaçu 2 as a DL.  He is super excited. Im going to give him all my references and addresses of my recent converts for him to visit haha.  I am going to stay here in Sulacap and *train* a new ZL. (Elder Namany)  I was his DL for a short time on the Ilha do Governador, so it will be way cool being his comp here in Sulacap.  Elder Hansen and I are making tons of plans to get this ward motivated to do missionary work.  This zone/stake has been having a ton of diffuculties for more than a year.  Little by little we are taking these areas out of the hole they have dug themselves into.  I dont think that these members understand the importance that they have in the missionary work.  We can baptized people as we find them,but if the ward will have a real growth depends on the integration.  We are planning on talking to the pres. of the stake to get some action going.   This last week the pres. of the Elders quorum was released and we are getting a new one, but in the long run, we think the key will be to help to bishop(ric) cobrar  (ask/follow up??) with the organizations- which is not happening.  It is way cool to see how much power/input missionaries have in the church (especially here in Brasil). 

Rosangela went to church yesterday!!  She loved it and told us that she wants to come back.   Her dificulty is that she doesnt know if God will be mad at her if she gets baptized again.  However, I think that after the visit she made at the church, we will be able to mark a baptism date tonight. 
Vani also brought one of her friends to church.  She is a missionary already!!  We are teaching another friend of hers who works with foreigners- teaching them Portuguese.  She was talking to us and then asked us from what part of Brasil we are from. hahaha  She was surprised that we spoke so well and asked if she could get some tips on how to teach her students.  It was pretty flattering.  She has already marked to go to church this next week.  The work here in the area is progressing well, and we will reap a lot this transfer.

I got a little confused about the whole comments on the blog thing-but I saw something about a girl to marry, and Im totally in haha.  Cool to know that you are still putting some stuff up there.  I should have a lot more stuff to say to you guys, but it seems like when PDay comes I am so wiped out my brain shuts off.  Ill start taking notes on what to write you haha. But for now I am doing well, my zone getting better,and we are working super hard to get the members to understand that they are important- and that they have a mission here as well.  And so I ask you guys to not forget of your mission that you have in your designated place.  God has placed us here for his purposes, and we need to search to realize them.

Love you all!!

Elder Stinnett

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