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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, May 12, 2014

It was so great to see you guys yesterday.  You all seemed so happy!  Cant wait to see you guys for real in a few months (so that I dont have to rely on a cruddy internet connection to hear what you are saying haha)  It was so cool to see Ollie, but for some reason when I tell people about him, I keep saying he is my cousin by accident.  Something hasnt quite hit that I am an uncle already haha.  
I was also reflecting the other day about how much things have changed.  People moving out of the house, Maddie is huge, Sammy has kissed boys (just kidding heehee) , starting in less than half a year Ive got to get a jump start on the whole college, job marriage, and family thing  :O  That and I woke up with backpain yesterday-  I am feeling really old haha  Good thing is, is that this whole change and progress thing is going to go on for eternity.  Isnt that great keyboard doesnt have a question mark, so please enjoy the emoticon)
So my comp and I finally got the whole electricity being shut off thing taken care of and got it turned back on- hurray for warm showers!!  I was seriously debating heating up water on the stove and taking a sponge bath-  cold water makes me sad.  
Our zone is progressing a lot.  We have got various baptismal dates with people in the zone and our missionaries are powerful.  Im really grateful that I can learn from them so that I can be a better missionary while I have the chance to serve them and help their areas progress. Whatever happens I am seeing miracles happen every day that really lets me know that the Lord is at the front of this work, and where He is at- that is where I want to be also.  

I want to invite anyone who reads this email to take the chance to ask God in prayer about someone that you can serve today.- physically, emotionally, spiritually- and then afterwards to go search for this opportunity that He will give you.  I know that the life of that person will be effected and your kindness will make them reflect upon the blessings of the gospel, and you will be enriched as well.  I know this to be true
I love you all, and pray for you all.

Elder Stinnett

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