Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, May 26, 2014

Tell Tanner congrats on the call!  I heard they have some wicked pink river dolphins in Ecuador.  He will have to send me some pics.  Im totally sad that I will miss him and Spencer.  That will be a solid four years without seeing them i know they will be great missionaries.  Im still using this cruddy lan house computer keyboard that sticks a lot and I still have not found the question dont be too harsh on the grammer.  Im english retarded as it is.  
Hey so I got your birthday package!  Weird huh one took a lot longer.  We really enjoyed the peanut butter and twizlers.  The tie was beautiful and I think Im going to save that super hero shirt until I get home to impress the ladies. Thanks so much!!!!  Speaking of ladies- I am still in shock that Little Sara graduated already.  One day we (me, sara, sammy, conner, adam, madeline) are totally going to have a statue dedicated to the stinnett family outside of the UH campus haha.
Hey Ive got a question.  How can you make homeade corndogs I think that would be so cool to do for a integration night for the ward here.  #coolamericanfoodstheydonthavehere.  We went over to a less active families house last night and she made cuzcuz amarelo for us.  It kindof tastes like the white part of mexican tamales.  I almost died!  I totally miss the mexican refried beans (los compadres!!  mmmmmhmmm)  but I am colecting some cool recipes from the members here so I can make some brasilian food for you guys.  
This is one of the fastest passing transfers in the history of the mission.  I really hope we arent transferred this next week!  Today we decided to go to Niteroi to go see the famous art museum that looks like a satelite dish.  It was totally closed, but we got some cool pics and got to look at the ocean a bit.  (Ill send the pics in a separate email)  Area Niteroi is super beautiful.  I get super jealous sometimes that the pretty areas are always given to the Sisters!  oh well, I guess they deserve it.  
We are teaching this really cool girl named Vanessa.  She knows someone from ala Jacarepagua.  We had lost contact with her for a while and then finally we were able to mark a lesson in the chapel.  We taught her the plan of salvation- a very powerful message.  She had already been to church a few times, and told us that she wants to be baptized, but she wants to know more, and wants to wait to be sure that this is what she really wants to do.  We understood.  We also explained a little how the Gift of the Holy Ghost will help confirm each step she takes after she is baptized.  We left her with the invitation to pray that night, and talk to us in the church the next day about what she would like to do.  When she came to church, we got done with the block and she came up and said she wanted to talk to us.  She said *I was praying and thinking last night, and I realized that there is no way for me to know everything before I am baptized, so I want to be baptized this next Sunday*  I probably looked pretty goofy, because I had the biggest smile on my face hahaha.  I am so excited for her.  We are working to prepare everything so that it can all run well.  
Sorry, but Im out of time!  Ill talk to you guys next week.
Love you!
Elder Stinnett

the satelite thing is the famous art museum!!  the other one has the pão de açucar and the Cristo waaayyy in the back haha

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