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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thanks for the updates on the life back home.  How cool that Conner, Sammy and Sara got to go to the temple with you guys!  I am super excited to see the Phx and Gilbert temples when I get back.  
So this Sunday Ill be online at like 7PM.
I am sure that this is going to be a super fun transfer!  My comp is Elder Richmond- from Utah, and he is totally into hunting and shooting and riding quads and stuff.  Right up my alley!!  We are working with a few people that are really cool already, so we will definitely have a lot of success this transfer.  We have a rough place to start out from, but we have got the ball rolling already and we are picking up speed.  
Having Sisters in the zone has been pretty cool up until now- once they open up they really have some cool insights to share.  
So Yesterday we had to give up our PDay to go to Mission Conference (So that we could give the zone trainings today).  It was really great, and we heard Presidente/ Elder Lima bear his testimony for the first time as a Special Witness of Jesus Christ.  Really powerful.  We passed a great training to the zone this morning, and we are ready to work really hard this month.  My body is begging to rest right now, but I guess Ill have to wait until next Monday. hahaha
So we have some cool things that have happened so far-
- I got to meet some really cool people in our ward- I am absolutely sure that our Bishop will be made into a stake president really soon.  He is super spiritual.
- fast and testimony meeting was really great.  We had a recent convert that told us about her eye surgery.  she said *When they took the eyeball out of my head to operate on it, I just saw a white light.  That´s pretty much what it is like to see the light of Christ.*  hahaha  I love recent converts.  
-  We are moving into a new house that is in our area.  We dont really have anything as far as furniture, but a brother came over to help us try to put our closet together-  turns out we just got a lot of random pieces that came from various closets- but he did his best (see foto attached haha) Installed a new shower head and I didnt even get shocked!, we are doing some cool changes to make the house more homey.
- I got to try some sword fish yesterday!  It is stinking delicious- doesnt even taste like fish and it falls apart in your mouth.  eating something that has a sword on its face made me feel like a champ.  haha
The people in this area are a bit more receptive than the ones in Sulacap which is really cool.  I pretty much filled a page of my planner with one street of contacts.  If we can help them keep their commitments, we will be golden.  
Sorry that my email isnt longer.  I really am terrible to think of things to say on the spot. 
See you on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you,
Elder Stinnett

Alright-  here is our cool closet, me and Elder Richmond (youll have to ask me about why we have  a couch on skype) and a cool shot in the sun......

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