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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hey Mom and everyone else!

Things are doing pretty dang good here.  I have that feeling Im getting transferred this next week though :O  They Cant Make Me!!!!!!  This is one of my favorite wards with one of my fav comps Ive ever had.  But change always helps me learn, so just go with it....

This week was awesome.  Brasil is going nuts for the Cup.  Their star player fractured a vertabre, so the atmosphere is pretty tense.  I hope they can pull out a win today.  If not, everyone here will be rooting for anyone but Argentina to win.  (the rivalry here against them is pretty strong haha)  
This last Saturday we did our first English class.  We had put a banner out on the main road and we receiveing a bunch of calls from people signing up.  We started off with a prayer, did introductions and taught everyone some basic phrases, and even left them with homework.  They loved it.  We invited everyone to come to church the next day, and Fonseca ( one of the students)  actually came!  He loved the church, and we will be able to teach him this week.  Elder Richmond and I both realized that it is really difficult to translate Portuguese to English and vice versa  on command.  We can speak English fluently,and Portuguese fluently, but trying to dicern between the two languages is a battle.  Sometimes we end up making up words because we cant remember very well in the moment haha.  
We went over to Eni´s house on Saturday to make sure that everything was ok for her son, Alex, to get confirmed the next day in church.  She was laying down in her house with pneumonia in both lungs.  She showed us her XRay, and told us she wasnt feeling too well.  She said that she really wanted to see Alex get confirmed, but she didnt think she would be able to.  She was supposed to be interned in the hospital, but because of her family duties, she refused to stay there.  She asked us for  a blessing of health.  We gave it.  In the blessing, it was inspired to say, that she would have the health and strength to see her son confirmed.  We went to church the next day.  During the transition between the classes, going to sacrament meeting (the third hour)  I saw her.  She was completely fine, laughing, and talking.  She told us that God decided that she needed to see Alex be confirmed, and cured her. 
Francine went to church again!  She is doing really well, and tells us that every time she reads the Book of Mormon that she feels something she never felt before.  She is really liking it.  Even though she is passing through a lot of trials, she has so much faith and desire to follow.  She is a spiritual powerhouse.  We went their yesterday just to say hi and she was watching *The Testaments* that we had left for her, and as we said goodbye, I said *We´ll see youon Wednesday*.  She was like *Ok!*  then she breathed in through her teeth, and was like *Oh, I dont know if that will work.  I have a friend that is passing some difficulties that I need to visit and tell her about the church.  Do you have a Book of Mormon I can give her?*  That was the first time in the whole mission that someone told me that they didnt know if we could visit them because they were too busy helping other people get to know the church.  hahaha
It is pretty entertaining having another dupla of missionaries in the house.  It seems like Elder Richmond and I are their parents though-  they are new on the mission and havent really learned how to pick up after themselves, or cook, or pretty much anything. haha.  The good news is they work hard.  Our ward is going to grow so much with 2 duplas!!!!

Well, my time is up, Hope you have a great week!

Love you all!

Elder Stinnett  

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