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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

You are making me jelous talking about your soft king sized bed.  For now, Ive got a nice thin, twin sized with the special option of curling up in a ball or hanging my feet off.  haha.  
Glad the date with ex Elder Anderson (calling him Aric is weird for me) and Sara went well.  They make  a good looking couple.  A couple of Elders in the mission are jealous of him hahaha.  (one of the assistants saw her pic on the front of her graduation envelope and has been asking me for her contact info hahaha)
Im still super jealous that you all got to see Grandma without me though!

Well, on to missionary life stuffs-
 we have been locked in our houses for the brasil games, which is driving me nuts. This last monday, we were at home and the phone rang-  Elder Richmond yelled "hot potato!" and threw it to me...  President Lima.  I aswered it and he started asking me questions.  How is your area?  are the members helping?  how is the DL is your district?  I aswered the questions, and he said goodbye and hung up.  I looked at Elder Richmond kindof confused.  5 minutes later, we get a call from the assistants "congrats Elder!  Mutua is getting another dupla of missionaries!!"  You have the rest of the night to prepare your house, organize the delivery of beds, and desks, and dresser, and be ready to receive them at 10AM tomorrow.  
The next day, we received Elder Ostrowskyj  and Elder Rocha da Silva. two brasillians.  Our house just got a lot smaller haha.  Ostrowskyj is an incredible worker, and Rocha da Silva has the incredible tallent of eating 50 pieces of pizza in one sitting (not even kidding on that)  Needless to say, we are pleased to have some help in the area now.  Nice to feel like the Pres. can trust in us enough to put another dupla in our ward.  
Yesterday, we didnt have PDay because the new Presidente (Presidente Cabral) came and wanted to do a mission cousell with the ZLs.  We woke up early and headed out.  We received a great training.  He likes to joke, but is very stern as well.  Im stoked to see the changes that will happen.  Today, we just get to send emails and head off to lunch and then give the training to the zone.  I guess next Monday Ill be able to rest a little.  
I dont know why exactly, but the Spirit's promptings to me seem very stern lately.  Maybe I am just more alert to hear them, or maybe God needs me to do something in the very moment and doesnt want to chance me missing an opportunity, but it seems like the little whispers have the volume turned way up.  I know that it is the Spirit, because each time I act, I can see almost immediately why the Spirit asked me to do it.  For example last night I was prompted strongly to talk to a homely lady who was passing, and it turned out she was a member that had fallen away that needed to be invited back, or when you are in a lesson, and you change the topic suddenly, and the pesquisadore starts to cry, because they have just heard the answer to one of their worried prayers.  I kindof like it- being able to hear so clearly.  I hope it stays like this.
Sunday was the baptism of Alex.  Sorry I cant send pictures this week (under the risk that the computer wipes out the memory card) but Ill try to send them next week.  He is the 26 yr old son of Eni (a member of about 5 years)  When he was young, he had a problem where there was a lack of oxygen in his brain, that effected the locomotion part of his brain.  He walks with a limp and his vocal chords are paralyzed. When I got to the ward, Bishop told us how he wished that we would go there to see what had happened to him, and gage his understanding.  Turns out he understands EVERYTHING.  The bishop brought it up with the members of the ward counsel, about the possiblilty that he is aware of everything in the church, and is feeling left out that he was not offered the same opportunity as everyone else, and asked what they thought.  After talking with Presidente Lima and the ward counsel, Bishop went and invited him to be baptized so he could pass the sacrament.  He was so excited, that it brought tears to the eyes of everyone that was in the room.  A counselor the the mission president was brought to interview him, and he was baptized this Sunday.  It was really touching to see how happy he and his mom were.  Not exactly the routine baptism that missionaries see, but Im definitely never going to forget it.  
Welp, my time is up again, but Ill see yal next week!!!!

Love you,
Elder Stinnett

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