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Monday, September 8, 2014

Hey Mom and Dad and Public!

So lots of stuff to say so Ill cram it into one email.  Alright, so lets see.....
This last week I went to the mission office.  Got interviewed, renewed my temple recommend, got the BYU endorsement sent, and figured out from Elder Maciel that my airplane ticket will be getting forwarded to you guys very soon.  (like probably tomorrow).  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, super stoked for the open house at the temple.  I pretty much tell anyone that will listen to me that I get to participate in it haha.  
Also, sorry in advance for using personal funds alot.  We live outside of our zone and we are still trying to work the secretaries into giving us a reajustment to our mission funds.....

Also, I turned into Spider Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It actually was kindof scary this week.  I think it was like thursday- I woke up with my right ankle really itchy.  I just took a shower and ignored it.  We worked the whole day, and my right leg was kindof weak.  I took off my shoe when we got back and my foot was really swollen.  I tried to call the Sister--didnt answer the phone.  Luckily Elder Jimenez (ZL) was a nurse and told me that I needed to keep it elevated.  The five elders in the house were kindof concerned cause I had a fever and my heart was accelerated.  The Sister called back and asked what was up- then told us to go to the hospital.  So, at like 1030 PM a member and his non member dad came over and got me and my comp and drove us to the hospital.  I got to have an IV!!!!  It was pretty cool cause he like shoves the needle in and then it leaves a long plastic bendy tube in your vein.  The woman that was on the other side of the room waiting for her IV was looking and all of a sudden threw up lime green hahahahahahaahahah.  I had to put my jacket over my face to hide my smile.  The IV made me fall asleep for like an hour and a half, and then the doctor sent us home.  When we got there it was already 230 AM.  It was cool because we were able to talk to the nonmember dad a little bit about missions (his son is going to send his papers now) and the gospel.  He was telling us how he hopes that the people will take good care of his son.  Anywhoot, my foot was too swollen to put pressure on it for the next to days, but yesterday I was able to work.  (it is almost back to normal)  Im still trying different combinations of hand positions with my fingers to see if web shoots out......

Also, a giant rat woke us up in the middle of the night.  We heard it, and saw it run under the oven and up into the storage drawer.  We blocked all escape roots off and opened up the drawer.  It was full of food and trash and rat pee!!!!  The rat jumped up into the uper part of the oven.  naturally, we turned the oven on......    The rat jumped out and my comp caught it in a bucket, and beat it with a meat hammer.  Our victory screaches woke up the other Elders and we all celebrated together ahaha.  We got some rat poison from a member and it seems to be working well.  

Because we werente able to work well this week, we were praying a lot to be able to have someone go to church.  Calling up the people we had marked to go, they all cancelled.  We kept praying and praying that we could have soemone go.  Welp, out of the blue the bf of a member decided he wanted to visit.  He is Emanuel.  19 yrs old, already knows the missionaries, and it way cool.  The whole time, I was just thinking how grateful I was that God was kind enough to answer our prayers.  

Well, Im all out of time, but Ill see you next week!
Love you,
Elder Stinnett

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