Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, September 1, 2014

So I got moved this week to Abolição.  Cool name right?  Abolition (is that a word in english?)  Anywhoot we are living in Meier  which is in another zone.  It is super hard to find a house in Abolição and the next area over (Engenho de Dentro) is sisters, so we live in the next   area over.  It is pretty entertaining because we are 6 elders in one tiny house, so you can imagine the craziness that happens there.  The elders are super cool.  There are a couple of other americans in the house- including my comp elder Bitnoff.  He served about a year in Colorado wating for his visa, so he doesnt really understand Portuguese yet, but we are working on it together.  He is pretty funny, and way chill.  For now we are sleeping on the floor and living out of our suitcases because they dont have space to put more furniture in here.  We have made it our priority to find a house in our area so we can be a little bit more organized.  
I was sad to leave Ramos.  I was only in that area for 6 days with Elder Martinez, but we became really quick friends and worked really well together.  It seemed like every person that came to the door turned into a new investigator, and it seems like a few of them even went to church yesterday!  Atleast I can feel that I left that area better off than I found it.  
One of the elders in our house has like 10 months on the mission (american) and is super trunky.  He keeps asking me questions about what it is like to be ending the mission and all.   haha.  For me, I cant really imagine not being on the mission.  Weird.

Over in Ramos, most of the place is hills with favela.  Right by the church there is a hill that is called Morro Adeus.  Scary!  From on hill to the other, they constructed little zip lines that have little cars that run on it (like the sugar loaf mountain).  They are only one real to use!!!  On my last day there, Elder Martinez and I went up to see what it was like and to get to know a different part of the area.  Super cool!  

Well, Im going to have to go now,

Love you!

Elder Stinnett

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