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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hey Mom and Dad!

are you worried about me doing something stupid????  haha.  Ummmm as far as the homecoming talk, Ill just wait to get home to write it.  I want to focus here with the time I have left.  Im sad that Grandma wont go to Croatia, but anywhere she goes, she will love it and will do awesome.  Hey so you bought new sheets?  can I throw mine away please???  they have years of mission and a a year of college all over them.  gross!  Also, Im really going to need to buy some new g´s.  haha.  UMMMMMM my foot has turned back to normal.  Ill talk to the secretaries about my plane ticket home. We havenet had any rats back in our house yet.  

I think Im more tired now than I was when I was new on the mission and getting used to the pace of mission life.  We are walking a ton--from Meier to our area and back every day.  I am praying that my last pair of shoes lasts me this transfer haah.  We are searching for a house here and the members are helping out a ton.  They are really worried about losing us, so they are always calling us up and giving us references of houses to rent.  For some reason, realestate places dont accept the church, so we are struggling to find some houses to rent directly with the owner.  We are seeing some miracles happen as we tear the area apart searching-- finding less actives and pesquisadores to teach-  seeing the ward become more unified.  It is really great.  It is not the easiest work, but I feel really satisfied with our effort.  The members are seeing the effort and started gossiping how they are so glad that they have a good pair of elders in the ward because the ones that were here before us were slackers.  Im just glad I havent had to worry about members saying that about me.  The guilt would probably eat me alive!  
We go to work a little bit with a member who recently returned from his mission (about a year ago).  He was a really good elder and was full of little tips and opinions about how I need to get home and establish my life.  He kept emphasizing finding a wife that I am not going to have to spiritually carry on my shoulders- but that will encourage me to live the gospel....He is having problems with this right now, and it´s being really hard for him.  I totally agree.  You´ve got to be really careful when it comes to picking out a wife.  At the end of our visits, we went back to his house and we met his step mom- non member.  She is a sewer.  I feel like we totally won her over when I told her that I had learned how to sew when I was at home.  She really opened up, and we will go back tomorrow to visit and set some goals to stop smoking.  Saturday night, my comp comes up to me with this little box and hands it to me.  I open it up-  hair clippers.  He let me cut his hair!!!  Let me tell you-  he looks beautiful.  Ill have to take a pic and send it later.  I was pretty proud.  
Hope all is well with you guys!
Love you,
Elder Stinnett

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